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Finding the Best Radio Headphones for Mowing

There’s nothing a gardener enjoys more than seeing their garden beautiful and healthy. But this is a result of determination and hours of hard work. Sadly, sometimes this work can even be detrimental to your health. 

See, mowing is one of the most essential parts of lawn care – it keeps the grass even and healthy. However, on the downside, lawnmowers are very loud and can produce the sound of up to 90 decibels, which is very unhealthy. Not only does this contribute to noise pollution, but it will affect you too, resulting in impaired hearing, nervousness etc. 

So, to protect yourself from any side effects of this machine you need to equip yourself with some of the best radio headphones for mowing.

Top 7 Best Radio Headphones for Mowing: Comparison Chart

3M WorkTunes24 dB3.5 audio jackNo2 AA1.06 pounds
Mpow HP123A29 dB3.5 audio jack, BluetoothNo3 AAA1 pound
ZOHAN EM04224 dB3.5 audio jackYes2 AA1.06 pounds
DeWalt DPG1525 dB3.5 audio jackYes4 AA0.93 pounds
PROTEAR25 dB3.5 audio jack, BluetoothYes1 rechargeable1 pound
Gardtech29 dB3.5 audio jack, Bluetooth, SD CardYes1 rechargeable1.37 Pounds
Howard Leight by Honeywell 103039025 dB3.5 audio jack, connection cableYes2 AA0.93 pounds

Defining Radio Headphones for Lawn Mowing

As the name suggests a radio headset for mowing is a special headphone that you can put on your ears while you mow. And their main purpose is to protect you from the harmful sounds of the lawn mower. After all, as proved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, exposing your ears to over 85-90 decibels for an extended period of time is hazardous and very dangerous. Moreover, the loud noise can damage the eardrums which can affect hearing and even make you deaf. That is why the best radio headphones for mowing are such useful and helpful equipment.

Duration per day, hoursSound level dBA slow response
OSHA’s Permissible Noise Exposures

Types of Radio Headsets for Mowing

There are not many varieties of radio headphones for mowing, and the most common ones are battery-powered and rechargeable ones. 

Radio headphones for mowing with rechargeable batteries are a lot more powerful and durable. Moreover, they are a lot lighter and practical, since you can just charge the battery again.

The battery-powered type uses disposable batteries, thus you will have to replace them with a new one every time the battery runs out of power. However, they are still as durable as the other type and tend to be cheaper. 

There are also other varieties of lawn mower ear protection with radio both with and without Bluetooth. Thus, all the best Bluetooth headphones for mowing will connect to your mobile devices wirelessly and the non-Bluetooth ones will get connected through an auxiliary input jack.

Guidelines to Purchase Radio Headphones for Mowing

Fit and Comfort 

Of course, you should be comfortable when using the accessory. The earpads should be padded properly and make sure the plastic casing should not be felt from the padding. It should cover your ears fully and the pads should be there to protect the top of the head. 

Thus, make sure that even the best headphones for mowing fit your head and ears properly. Otherwise, they can get damaged while mowing.

Noise Reduction Rating

The lawn mowing headphones with radio available provide NRR 25 decibels on average. Note that these are not noise-canceling headphones but they do keep you safe from the noise. Overall, this accessory with NRR 25 decibels will ensure good protection from the negative effects of being in a loud environment.

Radio Functionality

Unlike the old analog version, most of these accessories have a digital radio. Digital radio headphones for mowing provide good audio quality and better signals than analog type. 

However, note that the signal receptors should be strong, otherwise the music or audio will get cut whenever it loses signal. Plus, all the best radio headphones for mowing should have a good antenna, to make sure that the signal is never cut.


This depends on whether you have a headset with or without Bluetooth.

So if your headphones don’t have it, you’ll be able to connect them to your mobile device or music player using a 3.5 auxiliary jack for input. First, insert the aux cable into the music device and then insert the other part of the cable into the headset. 

However, if you have Bluetooth, there’s no need for any auxiliary jack, and you can just connect the headset for mowing to your phone.

Thus, it’s always better to opt for wireless radio headphones for mowing, since not only are they more convenient, but also safer. If you have wired mowing headphones then the wire can get twisted into the machine. And that can not only damage the headphones but also harm you too.


When you’re looking for the best radio headphones for mowing it’s important to look for those made of higher quality materials. Plus, it’s always better to check some radio headphones for mowing reviews from users, and check whether the option you want to choose is worth it. Moreover, how long the headphones will serve you depends on how well you take care of them.

Care and Maintenance

Much like any other gadget, radio headphones for mowing require some care, even if they are rather low-maintenance.

Thus, to extend the lifespan of your device, keep in mind these tips for cleaning and mowing headphones maintenance:

  • Use a clean, wet cloth and wipe the headset after every usage.
  • Clean the outsides and also the pads on the inner parts. 
  • You can clean the sweat from the padding by adding a little rubbing alcohol to the wet cloth.
  • Store the removable batteries in a safe place and keep them away from heat or sunlight.

Final Word

Staying safe from loud noises is essential for your health and wellbeing. And unless you have a quiet lawn mower, you need to ensure proper protection during mowing. And radio headphones are exactly the tool that will ensure that you stay safe and comfortable. 

That is because all the best radio headphones for lawn mowing will protect you from all the loud noises of a lawnmower. Thus, keep in mind our little tips, and we’re certain that you’ll find only the best radio headphones for mowing 2021 in no time!

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