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The Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Whether you need to clear overgrown grass over your property or clear spring’s fall off a street, the job can be made way easier by getting the best walk behind brush cutter. This article will guide you on the features and factors to best consider. And you are after a top-rated walk behind brush hog that will save you on both time and cash. You will leave here knowing the best walk behind brush cutter 2021.

Top 5 Best Walk-behind Brush Cutters: Comparison Chart

Power SourceEngineDeck SizeElectric StartWeight
Billy Goat BC2600HEBHGas13 HP Honda26 inchesYes340 pounds
Swisher WRC10224HGas10.2 HP Honda24 inchesYes374 pounds
Generac AT47030GENGGasGenerac G-Force30 inchesYes290 pounds
Swisher WRC11524BS PredatorGas11.5 HP Briggs and Stratton24 inchesNo252 pounds
Billy Goat BC2600HMGas388cc Honda26 inchesYes
338 pounds

Defining a Walk-Behind Brush Cutter

A walk behind brush cutter is a multi-purpose and versatile gardening tool. It can carry out multiple tasks both for home gardening and agriculture purposes, such as cutting both crops and slicing vegetation with ease.

Also known as the push behind brush cutter, it comes in two types: the petrol cutter and the electric brush cutter. The electric model is the most favorable for home use. Being motorized, the brush cutter gives you lots of power and versatility.

What Makes the Best Walk behind Brush Cutter

As we mentioned earlier, we will walk you through the best considerations before choosing what model of mower to buy. The factors we suggest below are essential when you want to compare the efficiency of different brush hog mowers and want to choose the best walk behind brush mower.


If you are using your walk behind brush cutter for residential use, this is an aspect you have to investigate and pay attention to. Check that the cutter allows for easy swapping of blades, making it suitable for different types of tasks like grooming brushes and lawn finishing, among others.


The range is mostly determined by your requirements and needs for the mower. Different brushes are mulched with different cutting actions. Therefore, you will have to carefully examine each model to get the best walk behind brush cutter. 

Most walk behind brush cutters have an adjustable deck that goes a long way in determining its functionality. The adjustment makes sure it is possible for you to use your walk behind brush trimmer on uneven terrains and grounds. An adjustable deck also means you can adjust its position when you mulch large piles of brush, which protects parts underneath the brush hog.

Cutting Speed

What Makes the Best Walk behind Brush Cutter

The speed of the walk behind brush trimmer determines the amount of time you will spend on a job. Most customers tend to think that a high-moving speed translates to high cutting speed. However, we assure you that this is not the case. While a great engine goes a great way in improving the cutting speed, this is not the way to judge a brush cutter’s speed.

There are two ways to measure the cutting speed of a mower: the blade speed and the acreage speed. However, the acreage speed is the most preferred form of measurement as most manufacturers tend to give the number of acres per hour that the brush cutter can handle.

Durability & Build Quality

As we mentioned earlier, engines with large displacements tend to last longer. Also, larger engines have larger components that are less likely to break. The build of the mower is also an important factor in its durability. A brush hog with thick body material, preferably steel, can handle mowing better. The tires should also be thick and sturdy enough to support the mower as most brush hogs weigh hundreds of pounds, hence require a solid frame.

Another important build feature to watch out on your walk behind brush hog mower is the deck. A wider deck means it will cut more grass and faster, and a higher suspension system ensures that it stays a reasonable distance above ground to avoid scraping.


When you are shopping for a walk behind brush hog, you should be careful to check on its horsepower and engine displacement. A larger engine displacement means the mower can last longer and undertake larger cutting jobs. A bigger engine displacement also means massive horsepower.

Besides the engine, the most powerful aspect of the best walk behind brush mower is the cutting power. The cutting power tells you what type of brush the cutter can handle; hence, it will play a big role in determining whether it will be used for commercial or consumer purposes. But how do you assess its cutting power? In this, as it is with the most walk behind brush cutter reviews, we recommend that you focus on the maximum diameter the brush can cut as specified by the manufacturer.

Best Walk-behind Brush Cutter FAQ

Before you use your push behind brush hog, make sure you thoroughly read through your model’s instruction manual. A set of some of the most frequently asked questions on the best walk behind brush mowers reviews include:

What do brush cutters do?

A brush hog can be used to trim weeds, cut small trees, and any other foliage that cannot be easily accessed by lawn or rotary mowers. More attachments, for instance, blades can be added to improve on its functionality.

How do I maintain a brush cutter? 

Ensure that your brush cutter is well maintained for it to function more efficiently and last longer. To ensure you have the best walk behind brush cutter, remove the grasses or dust in the cylinder cover regularly to avoid overheating. Many problems can arise from debris stuck in the fan. Moreover, the mower should be periodically oiled, and nuts checked and tightened.

How do I use a walk behind brush cutter?

Brush mowing is a lot different than lawn mowing. It is advisable that you are dressed in protective gear before you start mowing. If you are mowing an area with taller vegetation, make sure the area is clear of people, vehicles, or anything that can be injured or damaged by flying debris. It would be best if you cleared the area of heavy objects such as stones, not damage the blade of the cutter.

Besides, it is also advisable that you begin mowing at a higher position to ensure the bottom of the walk behind brush mower is not scratched and damaged.

Ensure that you have gone through the best walk behind brush cutter reviews and plenty of customer feedback to get a deeper understanding of how to use and how the mowers work.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a professional job or some landscaping at home, getting the best walk behind brush mower will lessen your load and leave the garden pristine. For the best walk behind brush cutter 2021, we recommend that you try out Brush Beast to ensure you get all work done with minimal effort and save you on the money.

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