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A Guide to Buying the Best Lawn Mower Blades

Regardless of what type of lawn mower you have, it’s inevitable that the more you use it the more the blades will get dulled out. So if you noticed that your mower might not cut the grass the way it used to – don’t assume that you need to replace your device. Most of the time all your mower needs is new lawn mower blades or they need proper balancing.

And this might become a rather challenging task. Mostly because there are so many types of mowing blades, that it’s pretty difficult to tell – which would be the best for your lawn mower. 

Hence, we’ve decided to share with you all we know, to help you choose only the best lawn mower blades so that your machine would be as good as new.

Top 7 Best Lawn Mower Blades: Comparison Chart

TypeDeck CompatibilityBlades in SetWeight
MaxPower 561713BDischarging42 inch23.94 pounds
Oregon 598-629Gator, mulching42 inch25 pounds
Craftsman 422719Mulching, bagging, discharging42 inch23.99 pounds
8TEN LawnRAZORMulching52 inch36.8 pounds
USA Mower Blades CMB276BPGator60 inch37.93 pounds
Maxpower 331981BMulching21 inch12 pounds
Toro 59534PMulching22 inch11.76 pounds

Lawn Mower Blade Types 

First of all, let’s take a look at some of the types of mower blades.

Mulching Blades

AKA gator blades are the most common mower blades used by professionals. What’s great about these, is that all the best lawn mower mulching blades have small clippings, and a curved design, that allows them to cut the grass very even and easily.

Discharging Blades

These are also known as lifting blades since they cut the grass a bit differently. As the name implies, these best lawn mower blades lift the grass once they cut it. That way you can discharge the grass into a bag, which is a lot more effective and useful.

Gator Blades

Gator blades are in many aspects similar to mulching blades. And these are among the best lawn mower blades, since their clippings break down a lot faster, and help fuel your grass with nutrients, like water and soil.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Blade?

So now that we’ve sorted out some of the most popular types, let’s get to the core of our lawn mower blades reviews and take a look at what exactly do you need to pay attention to pick only the best lawn mower blades.

Blade Length

The blade length is very important when it comes to a mower since it will determine how well and neat your grass will be cut. So you need to pay special attention to what size the blade has and choose the most optimal option.

For example, a 21 inch lawn mower blade will be great for large grass, but if you’re an amateur, you’re most likely to be uncomfortable with it. If you get a short blade, it will be difficult for you to cut a wide area. however. And if you get one too large it may not fit in some places. So ideally when you’re looking for the best lawn mower blades, opt for anything between 16 to 22 inches.

Blade Width

When it comes to mowers, the right width is just as important as length. It will help you get the right grip and thus cut the grass more evenly and clean. Ideally, the best lawn mower blades must be 2×4 inches in width.

Blade Shape 

  • Low Lift:  Have slightly curved edges, to keep minimum air. This helps make the cut more smooth. And since there is almost no suction, it keeps the dust and debris level low. Low lift blades also cause less engine strain than the others. 
  • Medium lift: They have a straight edge and are slightly upwards in appearance. If horsepower is your concern, you should pick a medium-lift. Medium lifts are usually the most appropriate riding mower blades. 
  • High lift: These are perfect heavy duty lawn mower blades. They work great on literally every type of grass and create high suction because of the deeper curves.

Deck Size

When you’re looking for the best lawn mower blades, having the right deck size is just as important as the material or lift. Usually, for a 21-inch blade, the 42-inch deck is perfectly fine.

Blade Material

Although there are several materials to choose from, while creating these lawn mower blades reviews, we’ve determined that stainless steel is the best material for lawn mower blades. That is because this material is rust-resistant and easy to maintain. Moreover, stainless steel is very sturdy, so your blades will be a lot more durable.

What Type Is Best For Your Lawn?

The type of blade you should opt for would depend on the size of your lawn and your financial capability. Generally, the best lawn mower blades are the mulching ones, since they are equipped with a lot of the high-quality, best lawn mowers. However, discharging blades will be a good option if you have a larger lawn, and you need to discharge the grass right away.


How To Change a Lawn Mower Blade?

To change the blades, you must look for the bolts and unscrew them. Then, carefully take away the blade, and replace it with a new one.

How To Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade?

These can be sharpened in a lot of different ways. You can either use a rotary tool, hand file, or a bench grinder.

How To Clean a Lawn Mower Blade?

Cleaning the blades is easy – just use soap and water. However, make sure you wipe the blade off clean before putting it into a lawnmower.

How Long Do Lawn Mower Blades Last? 

This mostly depends on how often you use them, what material they’re made of and how you take care of them. Overall the average ones last for about 200 hours. And some of the best lawnmower blades can even last up to 400 hours, with proper maintenance.

Final Word

So as you can see, having the best mower blade will ensure that your lawn remains healthy, neat, and beautiful. Thus, keep in mind these little tips, and we’re certain that you’ll find some of the best lawn mower blades 2023 in no time! However, also don’t forget about proper safety measures!  Mowers and blades are a danger hazard, and there have been a lot of accidents because of improper use. So be safe, and best of luck!

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