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A Guide to Buying the Best Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn mower blades are generally the most underrated outdoor equipment, among the ones we generally think about for a well-groomed lawn. It’s a common belief, that getting the most popular land mower out there will solve all the problems. But in reality, that’s not the case. Let’s think practically: decent land mowers cost a fortune, and at some point, the parts of your mower will require replacement. When that happens you wanna ensure that you get the right one. And trust us when we say that the right mower blade has several benefits and your mower will provide useless without these blades.

In this article, we’re gonna talk all about the best lawnmower blades that you are ever going to need. Stay put to find all about it.

Top 7 Best Lawn Mower Blades: Comparison Chart

TypeDeck CompatibilityBlades in SetWeight
MaxPower 561713BDischarging42 inch23.94 pounds
Oregon 598-629Gator, mulching42 inch25 pounds
Craftsman 422719Mulching, bagging, discharging42 inch23.99 pounds
8TEN LawnRAZORMulching52 inch36.8 pounds
USA Mower Blades CMB276BPGator60 inch37.93 pounds
Maxpower 331981BMulching21 inch12 pounds
Toro 59534PMulching22 inch11.76 pounds

Lawn Mower Blade Types 

In this section, we’ll introduce to you the common types of mower blades. 

Mulching Blades

These are also called gator blades. The best lawn mower mulching blades give the best finish to your lawn. They’re used by professionals and can totally change the entire look of your property.

Discharging Blades

These are also known as lifting blades. If you are looking for equipment that removes grass from under the deck, this is your pick. These can be used for both discharging and bagging. They are designed to pull the grass up to be cut easily.

Gator Blades

Like already said gator blades are in many aspects similar to mulching blades. These are among the best lawn mower blades. There are several reasons to choose a gator blade over a standard one.  

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Blade?

Knowing just the types of the best lawn mower blades and reviews is not enough. You must know how to choose the best one. The next section is dedicated to this purpose only. Make sure you read them carefully and keep in mind while you’re making the purchase. 

Blade Length

The blade length is very important when it comes to a mower. It will determine how well and neat your grass will be cut. For example, a 21 inch lawn mower blade will be great for large grass but if you’re an amateur, it may cause some discomfort. Again, if you get one which is too short, it will be difficult for you to cut a wide area, however, if get one too large it may not fit in some places. Ideally, anything between 16 to 22 inches should work fine. You can choose according to your convenience. 

Blade Width

The right width is equally important when it comes to mowers. It will help you get the right grip and thus result in clean work. 2×4 inches width is perfect for your backyard. 

Blade Shape 

  • Low Lift: These have slightly curved edges, to keep minimum air. This helps in a more smooth finish. Since there is almost no suction, it keeps the dust and debris level low. Low lift also causes less engine strain than the others. 
  • Medium lift: They have a straight edge and slightly upwards in appearance. If horsepower is your concern, you should pick a medium lift. These are appropriate riding mower blades. 
  • High lift: This has to be the perfect heavy duty lawn mower blades. Works great on literally every type of grass. They create high suction because of the deeper curves. 

Deck Size

Having the right deck size is as important as the material or lift. A 42-inch deck is considered perfectly fine for a 21-inch blade. That’s the rule of the thumb.   

Blade Material

Although there are several materials to choose from, lawn mower blades reviews clearly establish that stainless steel is a winner. Stainless steel works great as they are rust-resistant and easy to maintain. Investing in a good stainless steel product will reap immense benefits for you. However, make sure you don’t shy away from investing a decent amount of money for a strong product, since anything below average will not last long or be effective.    

What Type Is Best For Your Lawn?

The type that you should opt for would depend on the size of your lawn and how well you want to keep it maintained. If you know your lawn well and how to balance a lawn mower blade, you can get the right one and get cracking!


How To Change a Lawn Mower Blade?

In order to change the blades, you must look for the bolts and unscrew them. Replace the old one with a new one. 

How To Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade?

These can be sharpened in a lot of different ways. You can either use a rotary tool, hand file, or a bench grinder. It’s a pretty easy task but you must be careful. 

How To Clean a Lawn Mower Blade?

Cleaning the blades is easy – just use soap and water. However, make sure you wipe the water off well before putting the blade away. 

How Long Do Lawn Mower Blades Last? 

The longevity largely depends on the mower that you’re using. Motorized ones will last around 20 to 25 hours. Overall one can say that the average ones last for about 200 hours. The best ones can even last up to 400 hours if you maintain it well. 

Final Word

We hope you now know the necessity of a decent mower blade. So check out the best lawn mower blades 2021 and make your pick. Just be cautious, since there have been reported cases of several lawn mowing accidents.

So make sure you know all about the potential hazards of such equipment and employ safety measures.   

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