How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh?

It’s no surprise that every homeowner wants to have a beautiful, smooth, and healthy garden. For some, it’s a work in progress, while others are only starting their journey. And in both of these situations, sod is one most important things to start and maintain a gorgeous green corner. 

But there comes a time, when you have to ask – How much does a pallet of sod weigh? Because that will not only help you with planning but will also help you avoid needless spendings and better organize your work. Hence, it’s very important to know exactly how much does sod weigh, before you buy it.

And in this article, we would be happy to share with you everything you need to know about the weight of pallet of sod!

Sod and Pallets: Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, let’s first take a look at some of these most common questions, before figuring out the pallet of grass weight. That will help you have a clear idea of the subject and avoid any confusion or difficulties.

Why Does Sod Come in Pallets?

The biggest reason why sods are sold in pallets is that usually, you need them in bulk. And as you can imagine, it’s a lot easier to transport them that way. 

How Long Does a Sod Last on a Pallet?

Besides knowing how heavy is a pallet of sod you also need to understand how long a sod can last on a pallet. And usually, it depends on the season and temperature. Thus, if it’s a hot summer, the sod can last on a pallet about 2 days before expiration. However, in a colder climate, the sod can stay on for a bit longer.

What Affects a Pallet of Sod Weight?

A pallet of sod weight depends on the pallet and the type of sod. However, they can differ depending on the way they were made. Most pallets are made from wood. Thus, the size of the pallet and the type of wood determines how much it’s going to weigh.

A complete pallet of grass comes in two sizes: the first is the one that can accommodate 500 square feet or 450 square feet. The second is one that holds 500 square feet, and it is heavier. 

Plus, sod varies too. While it can be used to put down grass, the manufacturer determines the amount of mulch that you can add beneath the grass. The more the soil, the better the growth.

How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh?

With that of the way, let’s find out the main focus of today’s article – how much does a pallet of sod weigh, exactly. Well, usually, the pallet has 450 square feet of sod. And the sod weight can as well be determined by the type of sod itself.

There are a couple of those:

Big Rolls

Especially in the northern, cool-season markets, most sods come in big rolls. They usually are 80 x 18 and 60 x 24 inches in size and 10 sq. ft for every roll. The standard sizes of pallets in the markets are usually 500, 600, and 700 sq. ft, meaning that it’s going to have 50, 60, and 70 rolls for every pallet. In these markets, the common types of grass are Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue.

Mini Rolls

Most mini hand rolls are found in northern, cool-season markets. Most of them are 40 x 16 inches wide, and each covers 5 sq. ft. On a 400 sq. ft, there are 80 mini rolls and 90 in 450 sq. ft.


Slabs can also help us to answer the question of how much does a pallet of grass weigh. Most pallets are sold in a range between 400, 450, and 500 sq. ft of size. These types of grass include St Augustine, Bermuda, and Centipede. And when you buy the sod, you need to know the price for each sq. ft, and not per pallet. Also, remember to check that there are some differences in each pallet’s amount of sq. ft.

Here’s a table that shows the difference in large rolls, mini rolls, and slabs for every sq. ft per pallet, to help know more about the weight of pallet of sod. You’ll notice that single slabs with 2.66 sq. ft lead to complete pallets having irregular numbers like 399, 452, or 502 sq. ft. These pallets are sold as 400, 450, or 500 sq. ft. 

Common sod incrementsSquare feet (a)Standard pallet sizes sold (b)Square feet per pallet (c)
Single slub2.66 sq.ft ( 16 x 24 inches)150, 170, 189 slabs per pallet399, 452, 503 sq. ft
Single mini hand roll5 sq.ft ( 40 x 18 inches)80, 90, 100 rolls per pallet400, 450, 500 sq. ft
Single large roll10 sq.ft ( 60 x 24 or 80 x 18 inches)50, 60, 70 rolls per pallet500, 600, 700 sq.ft

 A Brief Recap

Generally, the best way to know how much is a pallet of sod in terms of weight is to consider the sod. Sod rolls have different weights based on the amount of soil they carry. Thus, consider checking the pallet sizes to know what you need and how you are going to transport it.

Also, remember that regardless of the weight, you need to mow new sod 14 days after installing it.


And that’s all we wanted to share with you on how much is a pallet of sod weighs!

All and all,  it’s always essential to know how much does a pallet of sod weigh, to properly plan your purchase and avoid unnecessary spendings. Thus, consider how much sod you need, and don’t forget to water new sod within 30 minutes of installing it! 

Have you ever bought a pallet of sod? How much did it weigh? Share your thoughts with us.

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