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Hustler Mowers: An Ultimate Guide on Best Models

Having a large lawn is a matter of pride, but it can be such tiresome work to take care of it. Still, it’s something that you must do, as it can be a huge nuance in the future. And for your lawn to look good, you must have the best zero turn mower. What makes it best? – It must be effective, affordable, and safe. You yourself must also indulge in all possible safety measures as turn mowers can be dangerous. And there is a model that fits these criteria perfectly –  the Hustler Raptor is a savior when it comes to maintaining a lawn. 

Every day people are ditching their traditional ones and opt for a riding lawn mower. If you go through the zero turn mowers reviews you will be pleasantly surprised to find the overwhelming numbers of positive reviews linked to the products. Since 2018 these product become more and more in demand. And it’s estimated to grow even more.  Every new model comes with even better technology: Hustler Raptor 52 and Raptor SD 60 are two such examples.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about two top models that you should definitely consider. We’ve went through a lot of Hustler mower reviews and conducted thorough research to bring you this article, so hope you can find it helpful. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Hustler Brand Overview

Hustler is a renowned brand that has been giving people Hustler ZTR mowers for many years. This American company that produces first-class outdoor equipment. Aside from mowers they also have generators and washers of high quality.

Hustler Raptor 52 Review

Engine manufacturerKawasaki FR691
Engine horsepower23 
Transmission Hydro-Gear ZT2200
Fuel capacity3 gal
Ground speed Up to 6.5 mph
Cutting width52 inches
Cutting height1.5 to 4.5 inches 
Front tire11 x 4
Drive tire 18 x 18.5-8
Warranty 3 year


It has a powerful engine that propels an equally powerful performance with a 23 HP Kawasaki engine.  The blades have a speed of 16000 fpm that gives an incredible finish. So when it comes to performance this Raptor mower is invincible.


This 52-inch raptor comes with a pleasing for the eye. It has a comfortable seat and lumbar support. And of course, the essentials of the Hustler- Automatic Parking Brakes and SmoothTrak Steering. The deck lift is foot operated. Overall, it is an amazing user-friendly product. 


This is one of the best zero turns for hills and rightfully so. It’s sturdy and durable. Besides, it comes with a warranty of 3 years. 

Value for Money

The budget for this model is surprisingly reasonable. It is one of the most popular Hustler zero turn mowers however the price is really affordable. We assure you – not many products having the same features can be found in this range. 

Scope for Improvement

The holes in the foot deck allow grass clippings to enter the deck. This may cause some discomfort to the user. 

Overall Pros & Cons

• Powerful engine
• Automatic parking brakes
• Sufficiently large fuel tank
• 3 year warranty
• Holes in the foot deck

Raptor SD 60 Review

Engine manufacturer Kawasaki 
Engine horsepower23
Fuel capacity 3 gal
Ground speed 6.5 mph
Cutting width 60 inch 
Cutting height 4.5 inch
Front tire11×4
Drive tire 18×19
Blade speed 18,400 fpm
Warranty 3 years 


Just when we thought performance can’t get any better, Hustler raptor SD 60 surprises us again. It has an incredible engine and horsepower comes together to give you the best. 


The seat is comfortable, with a cup holder and air cleaner. Just like the other model, it also has automatic parking brakes. 


According to Hustler mower reviews all the products that come from this brand have amazing durability. This is no different. Made from the best quality materials, it is meant to go on for a long time. 

Value for Money

Hustler zero turn mower reviews agree that this model is a perfect value for money. It’s packed with advanced features that are absolutely worth their price.

Scope for Improvement

It may not prove to be very efficient while cutting damp or tall grass. This could be improved by the manufacturers. 

Overall Pros & Cons

• Efficient engine
• Automatic parking brakes
• Sufficient cutting width and height
• Large fuel tank
• 3 year warranty
• Not good when it comes to tall and damp grass

Other Notable Hustler Mowers 

Residential Zero Turns

Hustler has a variety of residential mowers that can be used if you have a small lawn that doesn’t require too much work. These are also great for beginners. According to Hustler raptor reviews, Raptor SD, Raptors SDX, Raptor Flip-Up are the best for this purpose. 

Commercial Zero Turns

Commercial ones are mostly used by professionals who have a large lawn and have been using mowers for a long time. The best in this lot has to be FasTrack SDX, X One, Super Z, and Super 104. 

What To Look For When Buying a Zero Turn Mower?

Deck Size

The larger your deck size is, the more surface area will it cut. If you find yourself wondering: what lawn size mower do I need? – all you need to do is decide how much area you wanna cover in a go. Likewise, choose the one with an appropriate deck size. 

Engine Size

This depends on the size of your lawn and how fast you want to wrap up the work. Raptor sd 60 reviews confirm that better engines work faster but with slower ones you can go light on the budget. So if you wish to cut down on the expense of a mower, getting one with a smaller engine is a good idea. However, note that the smaller engine will consume more time. 

Type of Steering

There are 4 types of steering to choose from: joystick, stand on, lap bar, and steering. Lap bar and steering are the most common type and the other two are used mostly by professionals who have great control over the machine and the task. 

Price Range

A mower is an investment and you don’t want to go for cheap ones. A good model will serve you better, for a longer time. Thus it’s wise to pick from reputed brands like Hustler, Toro, or Husqvarna.

Final Word

So as you can see now, a decent mower is what every lawn deserves. It will make the lawn more pleasing for the eye, and you’ll be proud and content. Don’t shy away from the best out there – you won’t regret it. So just keep our tips in mind, feel free to check out the Hustler mower reviews 2021 and make your choice!

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