Everything You Need About the Best Lawn Mowers

Most homeowners in Western countries and especially in the U.S have a sort of special emotional relationship with their lawns.  For many of us, warmer weather that is approaching means that we will spend more time outdoors engaging in different activities, including gardening. So people living in big urban centers will start working on their terrace gardens. Homeowners, on another hand, will take care of their lawn and turn on their landscaping equipment.

That said, we also thought that one day, when we become homeowners, our lawn will speak of our values. Hence, after learning that our family is going to expand we got a loan and bought a little house in the suburb.

And of course, since we lived in the city all our lives, we didn’t know anything about lawn care. In all honesty, we didn’t have much knowledge even about gardening either. But one thing we knew – our garden must be beautiful. So we went out, bought all the equipment we deemed necessary, and got to work. Most of the things worked just fine, and we were doing okay planting flowers, trimming shrubs, etc. However, it seemed that we had trouble with our lawnmower.  Each time we trimmed the grass, it looked like it would be better that we didn’t touch anything in the first place. We were a bit ashamed, to tell the truth. It literally looked like someone whose haircut was done by a hairstylist apprentice without a day of training.

So naturally we started wondering “What’s teh problem?”, “What we’re doing wrong?”. After all, we had no idea that trimming the grass would be so challenging. The idea that we bought the wrong machine, did cross our minds for a second, but then we dismissed it. One day, we had our friend Joel come over, and we started talking about this lawn problem. “But it is ridiculous to think that it’s about the mower, isn’t it? All mowers are the same, aren’t they?”! He was puzzled, and said, “Emmm… no. They are not the same. You have to get the one that will work for your turf”. This in turn puzzled us.

So we decided to spend the evening investigating Joel’s claim. As it turns out, he was right. There is a reason why there are so many lawn mowers – they all work for a specific lawn. So after about a month of deeper investigation and discussions with experts from lawn care services, we finally found the lawn mower that works splendidly for our green carpet. This experience made us realize that there are other people in similar situations and could use our support. Thus we decided to share with you all our knowledge about how to choose the best lawn mower.

What are Best Lawn Mowers

When you go to the store to look for these machines or search online, you get utterly overwhelmed with the number of models and types, on the market. You have the gas ones, then the electric lawn mower. Then there is also something called a garden tractor that sounds like you are going to use it to trim the entire cornfield or something. So the question is, how exactly you are supposed to know which one to choose as a total beginner?

Well, there are things that you need to consider, of course. For example, you have to think about the size of your yard. Small machines and even manual ones work perfectly for small lawns. But the bigger the yard, the bigger and more powerful unit you will need.  Besides that, you also have to consider the terrain. Is it flat? Or a bit sloped? Maybe even bumpy?  Of course, there is the question of your physical condition.

Someone with little experience and/or in bad shape will benefit from riding lawn mowers, especially if they need to work on bigger lawn. And when you make up your mind and answer all the questions, then you’re ready to look for the best lawn mower. But then again, when you see all this we mentioned above, it becomes quite clear that choosing this machine isn’t a straightforward business. As you can notice, it depends very much on who is going to use the mower, for what and how often.

Ah, but we’re probably making it way too confusing, so let’s make it more simple. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of mowers to help you get just what you’re looking for.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Best Electric Lawn Mower: Great Choice for Family Lawn

Electric lawn mowers, as the name suggests, get their power to operate from electricity. And since there are no gas emissions, they are considered eco-friendly. Plus, the best electric mower doesn’t contribute to noise pollution. Generally, this machine emits approximately 75 decibels, which is about the same as the washing machine.  Since most electric lawn mowers come with a cord, they are excellent options for little family lawns. Just keep in mind that electric lawn mowers are not as powerful as gas variations.

Best Cordless Lawn Mower: Improved Environmentally Friendly Choice

A cordless lawn mower also gets its power supply from electricity. However, unlike the standard electric model, this one doesn’t rely on cable, since it runs on batteries.  They are much better than corded models because you can maneuver more easily and cover a bigger surface. Nonetheless, it is critical to know that even with the best battery-powered lawn mower, you are limited by the longevity of the batteries. When choosing, make sure that you look for an option that has a higher voltage battery. Some batteries go even up to 120 volts. However, for regular use, batteries in 40 to 56 V will be perfect.

Best Quiet Lawn Mower: For Those Who Want a Bit of Exercise

Traditional push mower requires your effort to operate. It is a walk-behind mower that needs you (the user) to push it forward without the help of any technology. These are environmentally friendly and really quiet machines, and are rather safe to use. If you decide to go with this type, then make sure to consider the cutting width.

But one important thing we need to point out is that the result of the work will depend on your strength and overall fitness level. All and all remember – the longer and bigger the mower is, the heavier it will be to push. However, you will have to make fewer passes, which means the job will be done more quickly.

Best Lawn Mower for Large Acreage: To Effortlessly Mow Big Yards

Well, anyone with a large land will be thrilled to have a lawn tractor. These machines are made to do more than just cut the grass. They can also tow carts and other attachments. Apart from that, the best models come with a detachable deck which means that you can convert them into snow throwers – pretty neat feature for the winter months, isn’t it? These machines come at different prices. However, keep in mind that even the cheaper ones can cut the grass much faster than standard lawnmowers. Features in the best models need to include a bumper, convenient gas gauge, hour meter, and easy deck engagement.

Best Self Propelled Mower: Budget-Friendly Machine

A self-propelled lawn mower is a good machine because, unlike its push counterpart, it makes the mowing process a lot easier. Some of the best models have an easy-to-use control and a transmission that supplies power to the wheels. Hence you can cut the grass effortlessly. All the best models of this machine come with single and variable speed models. They can be front, rear, or all-wheel drive machines. Finally, they are easy to start as they come with a choke recovery system that enables the engine to start cold.

Best Riding Lawn Mower: To Work with Pleasure

The typical model of this machine has a traditional design and is operated with a steering wheel. It is also a mower you can use on large pieces of land. They work best for ¾ acres to 2 acres and even more. If you buy attachments, you can use them to do other work such as bagging clippings and leaves and spreading seeds. Best models also enable you to aerate, dethatch and remove the snow. However, keep in mind that baggers are the most popular and common attachment.

Best Zero Turn Mower: For Exceptional Precision

It is essential to say that the zero-turn lawn mower is basically a type of riding mower. The difference is that it has a zero-turning radius. These are fantastic machines that combine precision steering and separate wheel control. That allows a person who operates it to turn the machine 360 degrees. The best models have low steel gauges, which guarantee durability. They also come with two-cylinder OHV engines. Just keep in mind to look for the models with a comfortable seat, since you’ll be sitting for a long time.


And that’s all we wanted to share on best lawn mower 2023. Now, the differences between these machines seem clearer, don’t they? All and all, the most important thing is to understand precisely what you need the best lawnmower for, and choose accordingly! And if you have any more questions or doubts, feel free to ask us – after all, the entire goal of this site is to help you learn a lot more information about gardening, and how you can keep your green corner healthy and beautiful!