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The Best Quiet Lawn Mower of 2023

A healthy and beautiful lawn is usually the pride of every homeowner.  Few things are indeed as delightful as spending spring and summer sitting on the wonderfully soft and green grass lawn. However, everyone who has a house knows that having a beautiful lawn requires a lot of work and dedication. You need to know when and how much to water it, when to use fertilizer, how to get rid of the weed, and of course when and how to cut the grass.

To maintain the height of the grass many people use lawnmowers as they are easy to operate and the job is quickly and effortlessly done. However,  they produce a lot of noise which is pretty impractical if you live in a populated area. For that reason, more people nowadays start to look for quiet lawn mower options. 

If you are a new homeowner, there’s a high chance you don’t have a lot of experience choosing the quiet lawn mower, or any at all. So this creates quite a challenge, seeing how many models out there. And as someone who’s been there, we completely relate to this feeling. Thus, we wish to help you and provide assistance in finding the best quiet lawn mower and what you need to pay attention to while choosing.

Top 7 Best Quiet Lawn Mowers: Comparison Chart

TypeDeck WidthCutting HeightDimensionsWeight
Greenworks 25022Corded electric20 inches7 positions (1.5” to 3.75”)26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches56 pounds
Great States 304-14Manual12 inches0.5″ to 1.75″20 x 24 x 42.5 inches2.2 pounds
American Lawn Mower Company 50514Corded electric14 inches5 positions (1″ to 2. 5″)46 x 18.5 x 38 inches26.5 pounds
Makita XML03PT1Cordless electric18 inches10 positions (13/16″ to 2-15/16″)24.8 x 35.24 x 23.47 inches93 pounds
WORX WG779Cordless electric14 icnhes6 positions (1-1/2″ to 3-1/2″)
52.99 x 14.5 x 39 inches
35.3 pounds
TACKLIFE KDLM4040ACordless electric16 inches6 positions (1” to 3”)55.12 x 18.9 x 44.1 inches30.8 pounds
Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LMCordless electric17 inches6 positions (1” to 3”)48.4 x 17.7 x 42.9 inches33.8 pounds

Why Do You Need a Quiet Lawn Mower? 

quiet manual mower

It might sound unbelievable to some of you but noise pollution is truly a real danger, even if not a lot of people pay much attention to this issue. It is defined as any sound that can disturb the lives of humans as well as other living beings and generally involves all sounds higher than 85 decibels. And yes, it does have a lot of health dangers, the most common being noise-induced hearing loss. Standard lawn mowers are known to be one of the worst noise polluters, producing noises up to 90 dB. That’s why many people these days switch to some the silent lawn mower options since a quiet lawn mower allows you to care for your garden, without causing any trouble to your neighbors.

Main Quiet Lawn Mower Benefits

When you take a look at quiet lawn mower reviews you’ll understand that there are plenty of quiet lawn mower benefits:

  • The most obvious one is, of course, the reduction of noise pollution. These electric machines are way quieter than any other that existed before and thus are more friendly for the neighborhood as well as for your ears.
  • They are easy to operate.
  • Environmentally friendly, since all the best quiet lawn mowers are electric and not gas-powered.

Lawn Mowers Types Overview  

Now let’s take a look at some of the best quietest lawnmower model types. These will help you understand exactly what you need, thus you’ll have a lot easier time choosing just the type you need.


If you are looking for a quiet mower we can say there can’t be anything better than a manual push or reel mower. The only sound that you hear when you have this machine is the sound of blades as they are cutting the grass. Moreover, according to a lot of quiet lawn mower reviews, these mowers are pretty safe since they have revolving cutters instead of rotary ones. This means that it is quite unlikely that something will be thrown out by blades. They are pretty lightweight and simple to use as well.


There are two types of electric models – cordless lawn mower and the model with the cord. Let’s see what is the difference. 

quiet electric lawn mower
  • A corded electric lawn mower uses, as you can assume, electrical power that it receives through the cord. This type of machine is better for smaller lawns because it can be difficult to find a cord that is big enough for the big lawn. Also, there is no guarantee that you will always find a place to plug it in even if you have the extension cable.
  • Cordless electric is the most modern version of these machines. They are battery-powered and thus very convenient as you can go wherever you need with them. They are less powerful than their corded counterparts but way simpler to use.

Gas Powered 

As the name suggests, they run on gas so you have to make sure to always have enough to work through the entire lawn. They are usually much heavier than electric models and way louder as well. They can be difficult to operate as well because they have to pull–start cords and sometimes it can be complicated to turn them on. Nevertheless, if you wish to have this type of machine you should know that there are different options and look for the quietest gas lawn mower.

Features to Look for in Quiet Lawn Mowers

Mower Weight and Size 

These two features are important to consider especially if you have a small place for storing tools and machines.  Models with the bigger deck are naturally bigger and heavier so they require more space. There is also a question of transport. If you for any reason need to move the mower from place to place then it is better to look for lightweight models.

Cutting Deck Size 

Of course, you need to think about the size of the cutting deck. When the deck is small you have to work more, because going only one-time won’t be enough. If you buy a machine with a larger cutting deck you are likely to save time but it is not guaranteed. It depends on the height of the grass.

Height/Depth Adjustment

If you want to make your lawn perfect then you need to think about this feature as well, regardless of whether you are looking for the quietest riding lawn mower or another model. These adjustments allow you to cut the grass exactly at the height you prefer.

Battery (If Cordless Electric)

This is something very important to consider if you have a battery-powered mower or even one of those quiet lawn tractors. Of course, the power of the battery is crucial, because it determines how long you can use the machine before having to recharge it. On average most batteries function for between 30 and 90 minutes. However, if you have a large piece of land then you need to look for those with longer battery life. Besides this, it is also important to check how long it takes to recharge the battery. Power is also important because machines with more powerful batteries cut better and also put less strain on the battery itself.

Ease of Maintenance

Obviously, you want to find a machine that is easy to maintain. If you opt for the gas mower you need to take care of the oil, gas, etc. Meanwhile, electric models are much easier to maintain.

Other Considerations 

Besides all the things mentioned above, there are also some other aspects that you should consider when you want to find only the best quiet lawn mower:

  • Mulching and collecting: Different machines offer different possibilities. Some offer the option of cutting and collecting the grass while others include mulching. 
  • Price: Lawnmowers in general aren’t that expensive. But of course, the price does depend on performance and features. However, some are more affordable, such as lawn mowers under 300. So consider whether you would like more features in your machine, or if budget is a priority for you.

How Can I Make My Lawn Mower Quieter

There are few ways to make the mower quieter. One thing is to check if any damages can cause noise. If the blades or the engine produce the noise there is little you can do except maybe try to improve the situation with the engine silencer. If however, the noise is coming from the crack on the muffler then you can try to close it with spray paint.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, having a quiet lawnmower has as you can see a lot of benefits. The biggest of course is that your ears won’t suffer and that you will not provoke the anger of your neighbors. And there are so many options these days on the market, however as long as you keep in mind these simple. yet essential aspects,  you will have no problem finding the best quiet lawn mower 2023! So good luck, and let us know if you have any questions or if you wish to share your experience with these amazing machines!

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