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Finding the Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

Snow is very beautiful. It gives us a sense of calm, serenity, and even nostalgia at times. However, it is also a big problem, especially when you live in a colder area. Because all it takes is one night of snowfall, and the entire streets are covered in this white blanket that creates so much inconvenience. 

So what can you do in this situation? Well, you can easily clear the way with the help of a snow plow that you can attach to your Polaris Ranger. When you’re snowed-in – a snow plow is the most effective and useful device for getting rid of any excess snow. 

However, there is one little inconvenience, though. With so many options in the market, it becomes rather hard to tell which would be the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger. After all, various snow plows have something different to offer, and unless you know what to pay attention to, there’s a high chance you might choose the model that won’t be as effective. 

So today we’ve decided to share with you our little snow plow for Polaris Ranger review, which would hopefully help you learn all about what makes the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger 2023, as well as what are some of the most prominent and top-quality options that match these criteria of quality.

Top 7 Best Snows Plow for Polaris Ranger: Comparison Chart

TypeLengthMaterialWeightMounting Kit Included
WARN 78950 ProVantageStraight50 inchSteel56.2 poundsNo
Extreme Max 5500.5010Straight50 inchSteel92.1 poundsYes
MotoAlliance DENALIStraight72 inchSteel182 poundsYes
Kolpin 17-5000Straight60 inch, 72 inchSteel128 poundsYes
KFIStraight72 inchSteel115 poundsYes
Tusk RacingStraight60 inchSteeln/aYes
Polaris Glacier Pro Lock & RideStraight52 inchSteen36 poundsNo

What is Polaris Ranger?

Polaris Ranger is an off-road vehicle, launched in 1999 by USA brand Polaris Industries. Known for its premium quality and versatility, Ranger is the most trusted vehicle by hunters, farmers, and homeowners. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the Polaris brand itself is known for making very smooth and effective vehicles, that are especially popular among UTV users. 

Polaris Ranger has also been gaining a lot of popularity over years. And given the fact that the US Utility terrain vehicle market size surpassed USD 4 billion in 2019 and is estimated to grow a CAGR of above 5% between 2020 and 2026, it’s safe to say that Ranger will become even more popular.

One of the main reasons why so many people opt for Polaris Ranger is its versatility and effectiveness. This machine can go anywhere and offers a smooth and comfortable ride for tailing, farming, and many more. Moreover, this UTV has many models: three-seats, two-seat, for the crew, and also youth models.

Key Features of Polaris Ranger

  • Ample storage: Polaris Ranger has built-in interior storage of 13.5 gallons. This is quite a lot of space for you and your gear. Plus, it also has convenient under-seat storage, thanks to the pre-drilled holes.
  • All-day comfort: This UTV has adjustable extra-plush cushions and tilts steering wheels. And these give you maximum comfort and offer a pleasant ride.
  • Ruggedly durable: Thanks to the heavy-duty clutching and top-quality materials, the Polaris Ranger is very durable and will serve you well for years.

Things to Look for Before Buying a Plow for Polaris Ranger

To choose only the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger, there are a couple of very important aspects you need to pay attention to.

Blade Type

One of the most important things about Polaris ranger snow plow kits is the blades. There are several blade types, and each of them offers something unique:

  • V-blades: V-Blade type is crucial for sleep areas, drifts in narrow roads, and snow depths. These blades are very flexible and provide amazing performance. Moreover, they are very effective in every area, even with obstacles.
  • Straight blades: These types of blades are very prevalent and easy to use, hence why they are a better option for beginners. Generally, the straight blades work best for large areas with smooth surfaces. 
  • Winged blades: Winged blades are excellent for large areas, roads, and drive lanes, since they clear a lot of snow in one scoop. Plus, winged blades have detachable extensions, which allow you to clear snow fast and without much problem.

Location and Plow Jobs

Another essential thing you need to consider before choosing the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger – understand what plowing you will be doing and where it’s situated. 

For example, if you own a UTV or ATV, consider the V and straight blades options. And if you’re looking to plow commercially, you will need approximately eight plows (V-plow). This type will make your work much more comfortable.

Lastly, if you want to plow your home, a 7’ or 7’6” snow plow will be more than enough.

Blade Material

  • Mild steel: While creating our snow plows for Polaris Ranger reviews, we’ve noticed that mild steel is one of the most popular materials for blades. And that’s not surprising, given that such blades don’t form rust quickly since their plows are treated with zinc powder coating. These make them durable, rigid, and also valuable. 
  • Polyethylene: Of all three materials, polyethylene is the slickest, resistant to corrosions and scratches. Many people are switching to polyethylene because of the reinforced steel framework making it bulky.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is another great option since it’s able to resist corrosion. Plus, it’s able to withstand very high and low temperatures, which is especially important when we’re talking about not just snow plows for Polaris Ranger but in general. Moreover, this is a pretty popular material among many 2-stage snow blowers.

Additional Required Components

The blade material, blade type, and the location of plow jobs are not the only things that you will require when choosing the best UTV plow. You will also need a properly functioning UTV snow plow, a winch as well an amount. 

Another thing we’ve noticed while creating our snow plow for Polaris Ranger is that the control mechanism also plays a very important role. Because if you lack in-cab or dash-mounted controls, it will become a tedious task to raise the lower blade.

Plus, the push tube is essential because it needs to be strong enough to handle the forces. While most push tubes are universal, it’s still important to make sure they will fit both your blade and UTV. 

Most of the time the blade comes with a push tube or a winch. So if you ever doubt, stick with the same brand for all three components and make sure they are compatible.


How Do I Attach the Plow?

You can attach the snow plow by following the manual that goes along with it. However, if you have some issues, you can always ask for professional help with installation.

How Long Will The Plow Last?

Usually, every best snow plow for Polaris Ranger can last between 7-10 years. However, some can last from 15-20 years if you properly take care of them.


With that all said, we sincerely hope that our review helped you learn all about how to find only the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger! As you see, there are plenty of options to choose from – from our personal favorite Ranger 1000, to Ranger 570. 

All and all, keep in mind all these little tips, and we have no doubt that you will be able to find the option that will find only the best snow plow for Polaris Ranger 2023! 

So with that said, best of luck, and don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments if you have any more questions – we would be happy to help you however we can!

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