how to kill a mulberry tree

How Can You Kill a Mulberry Tree?

If you are an owner of a fancy garden then you might have met these unwanted friends. Mulberry tree’s growth if not controlled can ultimately ruin your paradise land. Want to get rid of uninvited friends? Let’s learn how to kill a Mulberry tree.

Why Kill a Mulberry Tree? 

Mulberry plants thrive without any manual care. Their unwanted growth increases if you cut one or two branches of the tree. The shallow root system of the plant grows above the land surface with numerous saplings all around. And soon you will witness your backyard has turned into a mini unproductive forest. Obviously, not a great course of events, isn’t it?

What Tools and Equipment to Prepare?  

There is specific equipment you must keep at hand’s distance before you plan to kill mulberry tree:

  • Gloves: Always use gloves before killing mulberry trees. Herbicides are harmful to human health, and they also protect your hands from allergies and sunburns.
  • Safety glasses: Protect your eyes with a good pair of safety glasses. Eye injuries are a common problem while performing deforestation. The small branches of the plant can adversely destroy your eyes.
  • Breathing protection: Herbicides have no severe effect on the body if ingested, but prevention is better than cure. Hence wear a respirator before working with them.
  • Shovel: It’s the best equipment for killing mulberry tree roots. Use it to dig out the saplings and roots.
  • Chainsaw: You can use it to cut big trunks or massive roots. Be careful to use it if you are not professional.

How to Kill Mulberry Tree Roots?

The general question that we have heard from several people is how to get rid of mulberry trees once and for all? The answer is simple; you need to destroy the roots. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Use a shovel to dig out the young saplings and the roots that are lost in the deep interiors of the soil.
  • Step 2: Cut off the tree directly from the root region to prevent the growth of foliages. Plants grow foliages between May and September. 
  • Step 3: Use a watering can to mix water with glyphosate or triclopyr herbicides and spread them over the roots to destroy forever.

How to Kill Mulberry Tree Stump?

If you’re wondering how to kill a mulberry tree from the stump, then here are a few steps to help you:

  • Step 1: Remove the protruding suckers from the collar of the trunk or root system. Frequently cut off the sprouts to prevent the tree from growing. But it’s a tedious process.
  • Step 2: Keep cutting the tree until live wood is reached. Cut the surfaces flat enough. If the stump is enormous, drill through the trunk’s outer rings to get the live wood region.
  • Step 3: Apply concentrated herbicides like glyphosate, triclopyr, or 2, 4-D to the trunk immediately after cutting down the tree. Cover the small stumps’ cut surfaces and edges of the large stumps with an old paintbrush or spray applicator. Pour herbicides to fill the drilled holes in the trunk.

If you’re wondering how to kill a mulberry bush, we suggest you spray concentrated herbicides directly on the bushes, and eventually, the brushes will die.

Important Safety Tips

  • Wear gloves, goggles, and respirators before you go ahead to use those sharp tools and chemicals.
  • Seek professional help if you think you can’t kill a plant yourself.  Protect your feet by wearing chemical-resistant shoes, or you can cover your shoes with plastic.
  • Keep your pets away from the work area, especially after applying herbicides.
  • Be careful and conscious. Do not entertain anybody to plant mulberry trees to plant near house.

Mulberry Tree Killer Products

If you’re looking for more products besides herbicides for killing the mulberry plants, then here are some products for you:

  • For plants below the height of 15 feet, you can use foliar sprays. You can use glyphosate for winter days, Imazapyr for midsummer days. Dicamba, picloram is suitable for the spring seasons.
  • There are no separate products for large plants; you can just use the products mentioned above. Make cuts, drill holes, or you can use injections to send the chemicals deep into the trunks.

These will prove useful in getting rid of the inconvenient plant. You want to make sure that it’s really dead though. Now, you may be wondering: how to tell if a tree is dead? Just look at the trunks for peeling skins, barks, or splits. Also, pay attention to the branches of the canopy. If they do not have leaves, then they might have died.

Final Word

We hope that our article helped you understand how to kill a mulberry tree and you can now get rid of the inconvenient plant. Make sure you take the necessary steps to save yourself as well as your environment, and your garden will look fantastic!

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