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Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Best Lawn Mower Under 300

Imagine being able to run barefoot or lay on a fresh, beautifully green natural carpet just in front of your house during the spring and summer months! Or organizing a cocktail or BBQ party with your friends! Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  

Having a beautiful, fresh lawn is every homeowner’s dream because of all these and many other advantages as well! But to achieve this, you need to invest some time and effort as well as money for proper tools!  Everyone knows that mowing is one of the most important things you have to do if you wish to have a beautiful and healthy lawn. And a lot of people have this idea that you need to spend a fortune on a good lawnmower. Well actually…no.

We’ve seen so many comments from people claiming that there is no way to find a high-quality machine at a budget price, since low price = bad quality. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. So today, we’re gonna try on the mantle of the “Myth Busters” and prove to you that it’s pretty easy and real to find the best lawn mower under 300.

Thus, we present to you the result of a long and extensive investigation – our lawn mower under 300 reviews, that will hopefully help you learn all about these machines, as well as what you need to pay attention to choose the best.

Top 7 Best Lawn Mowers Under 300: Comparison Chart

TypeCutting WidthCutting HeightsSelf-PropelledWarrantyDimensionsWeight
Greenworks MO24B410Cordless electric13 inches1 1/4” to 3 3/8”No3 years50.4 x 40.47 x 14.56 inches23.9 pounds
Worx WG743.9Cordless electric17 inches7 positions (1-1/2″ to 4.0″)No2 years56.69 x 17.72 x 41.34 inches34.6 pounds
PowerSmart DB2194SR-AGas21 inches5 positions (1.2″ to 3.0″)Yes3 years33 x 23 x 18 inches60 pounds
Sun Joe MJ401E-PROCorded electric14 inches3 positionsNo2 years48.4 x 40.6 x 40.6 inches30 pounds
LawnMaster MEB1014KCorded electric15 inches6 positions (1″ to 3.0″)No1 year
26.93 x 16.42 x 12.8 inches
38.5 pounds
Lawn-Boy 17732Gas21 inches6 positions (1.25″ to 3.75″)Yes2 years40.5 x 22.3 x 37.7 inches66 pounds
Craftsman M105Gas21 inches1.25″ to 3.75″No2 years34.75 x 23.88 x 17.75 inches18.8 pounds

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower Under 300

When you want to ensure to have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, of course, you are going to look for the best mower under 300. But if this is your first machine, there are many questions you might not know how to answer! Lawnmowers come with different features and options that vary depending on the type of terrain, grass, price as well as other things. Knowing this will help you choose the best cheap lawn mower a lot easier!

Power Source

The power source is the first thing that you need to check when you are choosing the best lawn mower under 300. It is important because it will affect the performance of the machine, as well as some things such as noise, pollution, etc. 

There are three different types of lawn mowers – manual, gas, and electric.


manual lawn mower under 300

These are usually reeled or push lawnmowers. Manual lawn mowers don’t have any kind of engine, and they completely rely on your strength.  So the blades cut the grass as long as you’re pushing them. And that is the reason why so many people are reluctant about buying even the best push mower under 300. Because they think that these models require a lot of effort. But truth is, this is not a very difficult task: if you have a small yard and are in a good health. Moreover, working with this machine can be a good workout.


Gas lawn mowers are pretty popular, thanks to their amazing efficiency. Since they’re self-propelled and powered by gas – they’ll run as long as there is gas in the tank. Thus, these are very powerful machines. On the other hand, however, is the fact that gas lawnmowers cause high levels of pollution, both atmospheric and noise.

Corded Electric 

Electric lawnmowers are becoming increasingly popular. The main reason for that is because these machines are nearly as powerful as gas lawnmowers. Just that they don’t produce any emissions, and thus safer for the environment. They are also way more silent. All the best electric lawnmowers have 2 options – corded and cordless. And generally, the latter is the better option, since a corded electric mower must always be near the power outlet. And that can be very inconvenient.

Cordless Electric

Many people prefer the cordless option because it allows them to move around the lawn freely. These mowers run on batteries, thus are much better for the environment and neighborhood. However, batteries usually don’t last very long, so you need to take breaks while waiting for them to charge.

Lawn Size

Of course, when you’re choosing a lawn mower under 300 one of the most important factors to consider is the size of the lawn. Thus, it’s always important to learn how to choose the best size for your lawnmower. If the land is small and you are in good shape, then things like the weight of the machine and mode of operation are not essential, and you can just make a choice depending on your preference. However, if you have a big piece of land and you’re not sure about your strength OR health, then you should consider lighter models.

Cutting Deck Size

lawn mower cutting deck size

Another essential of the best lawn mower under 300 dollars is cutting deck size. Many people don’t know it, but cutting deck affects the speed at which you are going to finish the job. So if you choose a machine with a bigger deck this would make your job a lot easier.  And on average, all the best mowers have a cutting deck that is about 21″ -24″ high.  

You must also consider the cutting diameter of the blades. Reasonably enough for the smaller yard, blades with smaller, say 14″ diameter will do just fine. However, if you own a large lawn, then you need blades with a bigger cutting diameter. Usually, medium to large lawn blades with 21 inches cutting diameter do the job perfectly.

Cutting Heights and Their Adjustability 

Best lawn mower under 300 models allows you to adjust the cutting height. This is a good option since it can accommodate your specific needs. However, if you want to have this option, you need to be prepared to pay a bit more, since the cheap models don’t have this feature.

Self–propelled mode

Depending on your strength, as well as the size and type of the lawn you can choose between self-propelled and push mower. In our opinion, the self-propelled model is the best you can find on the market since it’s very simple to operate. It is also much better for rougher terrains.

Speed Settings

Again according to your needs, you should consider speed settings. While creating our lawn mower under 300 reviews, we’ve learned that the models with only one speed, are among the cheapest lawn mowers. These are good if you don’t have a problem with pushing the mower and if you have a small flat yard. However, for uneven terrains, it is better to choose self-propelled models with different speed adjustments.


Of course, when you’re choosing the best lawn mower under 300 – never forget about safety features. Many people sometimes forget, but the most important thing about not only the best lawnmower but also every machine is how safe it is. After all, every year a significant number of people get admitted to hospitals because of mowing-related injuries. That alone speaks to the fact that it’s essential to make sure that even the best lawnower under 300 has all the safety features. These are blade-brake clutch systems, handle levers, etc.

What to Avoid in Lawn Mowers Under 300

Very Low Price

In general, you can find a lot of models at very affordable prices. However, avoid choosing very cheap models. If you find a mower that seems exceptionally cheap and think about buying it, we recommend you to check for the price of the same model in another shop. If the difference is too big, we advise you to look for another model because this is likely to be some kind of scam. Such lawnmower can be a faulty or second-hand model, that won’t be as durable as the new one.

Poor Quality 

Of course, you wouldn’t want your new lawnmower to break after a couple of uses. This is where the quality comes into play. You must always make sure that the machine is made of durable materials, such as hardened steel.

And if you are unsure about the quality of the model, you purchased online it is better to contact the seller. That there are a lot of budget machines with fantastic performances, so don’t obsess over one type. If you’re not sure about the quality, then consider better alternatives.

Poor Brand Reputation

Whatever you are buying, you need to check for a brand! Some people think it is not important, and that a good brand only means you will pay more for the product of the same quality as a known brand. But here’s the thing:

  • When you are buying something from a known manufacturer, you have the guarantee of quality. Whereas many little manufacturers also do offer mowers under 300 dollars, but the performances might be pretty disappointing. 
  • Popular brands have a higher number of sales, and as a result, you can easily find a lot of feedback from the customers. And as we know, one of the best ways to find a good option is by going through some of the lawn mowers under 300 reviews, to read about people’s first-hand experience.

Notable Brands


This company is well-known for making cordless and corded electric outdoor tools. Thus, it’s a very popular brand among DIYers. Greenworks makes tools for mowing, cutting, trimming, and many other gardening tasks. They use first-class technology, and their machines and tools, including the best push mower under 300 can compete with the best gas-powered tools.


Husqvarna is a Swedish manufacturer of a large number of forest and gardening tools and machines. They produce tractors, chainsaws, cultivators, the best gas lawn mower under 300, etc. What’s more, Husqvarna uses the latest technology for its products, so you can always be sure of their reliability and high quality.


Lawn-Boy produces budget-friendly lawnmowers and other gardening equipment using the best technology. The most popular thing about this brand is their creation of the quiet lawn mower in 1958, which was hugely popular among people. The engine of this machine was called Lawn – Boy QUIETFLITE was sealed and insulated, which reduced the sound. And now years later, the Lawn-Boy brand continues to impress with its innovations and high-quality products.


WORX is a very well-known manufacturer, that produces lawn mowers and other gardening tools that are simple to operate. This company pays a lot of attention to the protection of the environment, and thus, they produce tools that are mainly battery-powered or corded electric. However, they also have tools that run on gas.

Sun Joe

Sun Joe is the company which you might also know under the name Snow Joe. It takes pride in designing high-quality and above all, affordable gardening tools.  They have a variety of manual, corded, and battery-powered tools that will help make your house and garden look wonderful.


And that’s pretty much all we wanted to share in our lawn mower under 300 review! Overall, as you can see, the most important thing is to understand what features you should look for when choosing your ideal model. So first of all it’s essential to determine what type of lawnmower you need, and then just pay attention to the safety features, cutting deck size, materials e.t.c. 

So we sincerely hope that all this information will help you find only the best lawn mower under 300 2023! So good luck on your search, and feel free to share with us your tips for finding the best lawn mower, if you know any. We would love to learn from you too!

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