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Bad Boy Mower Reviews

A zero-turn mower is probably one of the most useful and effective tools every lawn owner must-have. Why? Because not only are these machines cut the grass a lot more effectively, but they also do it much faster than your standard mowers. Plus, because of their zero-turning radius, these machines are a lot safer on steep ground.

Because of awesome features like boosting efficiency and high performance, their global market is predicted to grow to USD 4.64 billion in 2021! So naturally being an extremely popular choice, there are dozens of zero-turn mowers and brands. And the one that stands out, in particular, is the Bad Boy Mower. A lot of people seem to praise mowers of this brand for their high-quality and incredible performance. 

But are Bad Boy mowers any good, really? Do they actually provide as good of an experience as many Bad Boy mower reviews claim? That is what we’ve decided to find out! With a bit of research and testing, we’ve decided to check the Bad Boy ZTR ourselves, and see what this machine can truly offer and whether it’s a worthwhile and good choice.

About Bad Boy Mowers

First, let’s clear the air and understand what the Bad Boy Mower brand is, exactly. The first thing a lot of people might ask – where are Bad Boy mowers made? Well, they’re actually from a domestic manufacturer – the USA. The first Bad Boy mower was made in 2002 and launched at the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. And ever since that they made a lot of great Bad Boy riding mowers models, with their most popular being ZT Elite. 

Difference between Residential and Commercial Grade Mowers

While creating our Bad Boy zero-turn reviews, we’ve found out that there are several differences between a residential and a commercial land mower. The biggest is the price. 

Since the commercial models have more features than the residential ones, naturally they will also cost more. What are these features? Those vary from grass collection systems, complex mulching systems and so many more. Also, the commercial model is a lot stronger and durable. 

It’s also important to note that while residential mowers comparatively pose the risk of overheating, commercial mowers work for almost 12 hours straight, covering large lawns.  

Bad Boy Mowers: Products Overview

So what are some of the best Bad Boy mower models available? Let’s take a look!

Residential Grade Mowers

NameEngineCutting WidthCutting HeightChute up/WidthSpeed (max)
MZ Magnum Mower ModelKawasaki (726 cc) Kohler (725 cc)4800-48”5400-54”1.5”-4.5”4800-54”/61”5400-58”/67”6 mph
Maverick MowerHonda (688 cc) Kawasaki (726 cc) Kohler (747 cc)4800-48”5400-54”6000-60”1.5”-4.5”4800-54”/61”5400-58”/67”6000-64”/73”9mph
ZT Elite MowerKawasaki (726 cc) Kohler (747 cc & 725 cc)4800-54”/61”5400-58”/67”6000-64”/73”1.5”-4.5”4800-54”/61”5400-58”/67”6000-64”/73”7 mph
ZT AvengerKohler (725 cc)5400-54”6000-60”1.5”-4.5”5400-58”/67”6000-64”/73”7 mph
MZ Residential MowerKohler (540 cc & 725 cc)42”1.5”-4.5”47”/56”6 mph

MZ Magnum Residential Zero-Turn Mower  

If you are trying to find the best Bad Boy mower available on the market then you might want to check this model out. It delivers high-performance reliability with two engines – 725 cc Kohler and 726 cc Kawasaki. Also, it is a self-propelled mower with seven-gauge steel that perfectly cuts grass. Plus it has an adjustable and comfortable seat. Moreover, this Bad Boy ztr has large fuel tanks with deep storage and cup holders with high functionality. 

• Large Fuel Tank
• Different Engine Options
• Comfortable Seats
• Expensive
• Bulky

Maverick Residential Zero Turn Mower

This Bad Boy mower is a replica of a commercial-grade machine since their design and performance are very similar. There are three of these Bad Boy mower models that have three engine performance ratings. The first one has a 688 cc Honda engine which ends at a 747 cc Kohler Confidant engine. Plus, a lot of Bad Boy Maverick reviews from users often praise the comfortably designed seats with a control function and steel construction.

• Accurate steering
• Superior performance
• Noisy
• Expensive

ZT Elite Residential Zero Turn Mower

If you want only the best Bad Boy mower then this one might be a great choice for you. It comes with three engines of 725 cc to 747 cc ratings. Moreover, this Bad Boy mower has a dual integrated drive system for smoother performance and reliability. Plus, it has a baffling system to maximize airflow and cut the grass a lot better and cleaner.

• Sturdy engine
• Flexible deck height
• Medium speed
• No bagging function

Bad Boy ZT Avenger Zero Turn Mower

This particular Bad Boy ZTR has a 725 cc Kohler engine with an integrated drive system. It has a baffling system that cuts the grass clean by lifting them high. With the perfect lawn mower size, this is a wonderful product with robust structure and good maneuverability.

• High-performance
• Powerful engine
• Big and weighty
• Bagging option not present

Commercial Grade Mowers

NameEngineCutting WidthCutting HeightChute up/WidthSpeed (max)
Renegade Diesel MowerPerkins (1100 cc)Model 6100 (61”)2”-6”6100-63.5”-75.5”13 mph
Renegade Gasoline MowerVanguard (993cc)6100-61”7200-72”2”-6”6100-63.5”/75.5”7200-74.5”/86.5”13 mph
Rogue CommercialVanguard Engine (993cc) Kawasaki (999cc & 852 cc) Yamaha (824 cc) Kohler (824 cc)5400-54”6100-61”7200-72”2”-6”5400-56.5”/68.5”6100-63.5”/75.5”7200-74.5”/86.5”13 mph
Rebel CommercialKawasaki (999cc – 852 cc)  Vanguard (993 cc) Yamaha (824 cc) Kohler (747 cc)5400-54”6100-61”7200-72” 1”-5”5400-56.5”/68.5”6100-63.5”/75.5”7200-74.5”/86.5”12 mph
Revolt CommercialKawasaki (852 cc-726 cc) Vanguard (810 cc)3600-36”4800-48”5400-54”6100-61” 2”-5”3600-38.5”/50.5”4800-50.5”/62.5”5400-56.5”/68.5”6100-63.5”/75.5”9 mph
Compact outlaw commercialKawasaki (726 cc) Vanguard (810 cc)4200-48”4800-48” 1.5”-4.5” 4200-47”/56”4800-54”/61”9 mph
Walk-Behind CommercialKawasaki (603 cc)3600-36”4800-48”5400-54” 3600-1”-4.5”4800-1”-5”3600-38.5”/50.5”4800-50.5”/62.5”5400-56.5”/68.5” 9 mph
Push Mower CommercialKawasaki (179 cc)2100-21”2500-25”1”-4.5”MultipleMultiple

Bad Boy Renegade Diesel

This BadBoy mower is built with welded hard steel and a 3-inch frame. For safety, the duel decks have pads to decrease the chance of damage on the sides. Plus, also has an adjustable footrest.

• Two options available – diesel and gasoline
• Sturdy framework
• Powerful engine
• Expensive
• Not for small area

Bad Boy Rogue Outlaw Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Perfect for commercial landscapes, this best Bad Boy mower has dual hydraulic pumps with drive motors. It will give you reliable performance with 54” to 72” cutting width sizes. The performance rating of the engine spans from 824 cc to 999 cc. Moreover, while creating our Bad Boy mower reviews we’ve also found out that it has gear pumps that make the machine more durable and capable for clean cutting even in stringent conditions.

• Various engine options
• Various cutting deck capacity
• Heavy
• Regular maintenance required

Bad Boy Rebel Outlaws Zero-Turn Mower 

This Bad Boy mower has several engine options from 747 cc to 999 cc rating. Significantly it holds the classic strengths with an open design and powering cutting feature. With three deck-size options with an extensive and integrated drive system, this machine can be your right choice.

• High-performance
• Integrated drive system
• Different cutting deck options
• Not for rough and hilly areas
• Not for small lawns

Bad Boy Revolt Zero-Turn Mower   

This Bad Boy ztr is a compact option with reliable and high performance. The framework is short with iBeam front fork support. There are three models of engines: from 726cc to 852cc. With large rear tires, front pneumatic wheels, and good traction, it provides the rider with stability and smoothness. You can also use it with narrow raised garden beds. All and all, this is a pretty great and powerful mode, and many Bad Boy ZTR reviews from people agree with that.

• High manoeuvrability
• Compact and stable
• No seat available
• Limited accessories

Bad Boy Compact Outlaw Zero-Turn Mower

This BadBoy mower has a compact construction with a discharge edge width. Fit to use around narrow places, it has two engine options – 726cc and 810cc. Other than that, this zero-turn mower has a comfortable seat, but it’s not very adjustable.

• Robust engine
• Built with heavy-gauge steel
• Heavy
• Restricted seat adjustability

Advice Before Using Bad Boy Mowers    

When looking for the zero-turn mower, you have to keep in mind several aspects to choose the best option

  • If you’re a beginner, opt for an entry-level Bad Boy mower, since they don’t have a considerable level of horsepower. The benefit will be that your mower won’t reach high speed, making it easy for first-timers to drive and control. 
  •  Check your slope or incline before deciding on a zero-turn mower. These machines are heavy on the rear with limited steering which won’t be safe for steep inclines. And the Bad Boy ZRT won’t work on a slope over 10 degrees.
  • Since Bad Boy mowers run on diesel or gas, they can be quite loud. Thus, it’s very important to wear ear protection. 
  • Operate your mower with smooth and even pressure on control levers to maneuver safely.
  • Do not drive your mower close to the water as the ground can be wet or slippery and this can make the control unstable.

Bad Boy Mowers: a Note on Warranty

Normally, the Bad Boy riding mowers offer a minimum of 2 years warranty for any defective parts for repairing or replacing. But, the warranty won’t repair damages due to improper usage.

Are There Worthwhile Alternatives?

If BadBoy mower doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other good alternatives, such as:

  • Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower: Husqvarna is a popular brand with commercial machines made of 24-HP engine with dependable start-up and powerful speed. With a comfortable seat, stable control system, this is a pretty good alternative to the Bad Boy mower.
  • Ariens Zero Turn Mower: This mower comes with a 23-HP Kawasaki engine with high power and performance. Built for residential use, it can also be used in rough and hilly areas making it a safe second option.
  • Troy Blit Zero Turn Mower: This residential machine is made for medium size lawns with a 54-inch smooth deck with a wide cutting angle and maneuverability. And the engine is a 25-HP twin-cylinder made by Briggs and Stratton.

Final Words

If you are asking “Are Bad Boy mowers any good?” then we’d say yes! There are plenty of high-quality models, and each of them has something unique to offer. There might be some Bad Boy mower problems, such as the aforementioned loud performance, however, the high-quality build and reliable and smooth controls make up for all the cons.

Going with the Bad Boy riding mowers, or not is entirely up to you! And whichever brand you’ll go with, we sincerely hope that our Bad Boy mower reviews 2023 helped you learn more about these machines!

So, have you ever heard of the Bad Boy mowers before? Or used them?

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