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Husqvarna Vs. Ariens: Which Snow Blower Is the Best?

If you live in a cold, snowy area, owning a 2 stage snow blower under $1000 is a necessity. The task can be eather bewildering, however with Husqvarna or Ariens snow thrower you’re already one step closer to finding the perfect choice! But which is better? To figure that out we bring you a Husqvarna vs Ariens snowblower comparison! Both models of snow blowers are robust and reliable, and have some amazing qualities.

Ariens is famously known as the “King of Snow” because their range of snow blowers is vast. The brand features different models and for all sorts of needs. On the other hand, Husqvarna snow blowers also have a wide range of models; they’re just slightly less known. However both snow throwers are well made, tough, and have different features and functions.

The Husqvarna vs Ariens snowblower dilemma is an interesting topic to tackle, so let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started!

Why Pick Gas Snow Blower?

Gas snow blower is an excellent choice if you live in a cold area and often experience snowy weather. They have a lot of benefits, the most basic one is the fact that the housing of gas snow blowers can be built larger to clear the vast area. 

This means that the largest models are capable of clearing paths over 40″. According to many snow blowers reviews this is a great option to go with if you have a lot of snow to clear.

Ariens Vs Husqvarna – Who Are These Snow Blowers for?

When hearing about ariens snow blower vs husqvarna debate, you must be wondering – who should use each brand? Well, both brands are suitable for customers who need to move a lot of snow: 

Husqvarna is ideal for professionals or mid-end consumers that are looking for reliable power and performance, without entering into the 3,000 + range of ultra-high-end snow blowers.

Ariens models are usually fit for professionals and cover the same market. This brand makes a lot of Ultra-high end models, ranging over $3000, for moving large amounts of snow.

Ariens Snow Blowers Overview

According to Global News Wire, Ariens are one of the best snow blowers on the market. They’re the best option and have a lot of choice in their range.

About Ariens Brand

Previously in our snow blower comparison we called Ariens the “King of Snow” That’s because that’s the reputation this brand has made – they sold over 4 million snow blowers since 1960! Their products come in different models for all sorts of needs. Aside from snow machinery they also make gardening tools. 

Model Range and Features of Ariens Snow Blowers

There are currently 25 various models the company offers. All of them are sorted within nine different series titles. These include:

  • Compact single-stage designs
  • Compact professional models
  • Dual residential blowers
  • More powerful machines for a large yard and commercial use

As for the series Ariens offer:

Professional 21

It has two single-stage and compact professional-grade modes for heavy use. This product line is really easy to transport. Professional 21 features smart lift and optional remote chute.

Key features• Has a smart lift
• Optional remote chute
Pros• Easy to start
• Excellent chute lever
Cons• Handle rattles due to engine vibration

Path Pro

They come for compact and domestic use. Ariens are also suitable for pathways and driveways with a width of 20″.

Key features• 21-inch clearing path with 12.2-inch intake height
• 200 degree Chute rotation with up to 25 feet throwing distance
Pros• Rugged and can perform in worst conditions
Cons• The handle is low if you are tall


It’s a perfect compact residential blower that works well on mild snowfalls.

Key features• 40 feet throwing distance
Pros• Comes in one design to provide robust, compact durability
Cons• Tons of heavy wet snow may stick


They’re made for serious residential power to clear large areas of a more in-depth and massive snowfall.

Key features• Drive system: 8 gear
Pros• Folding handle bard enables you to store the machine without wasting space
Cons• Can get jammed up without spinning


It’s built for large-scale and extreme snow-moving power for runtime and maximum efficiency.

Key features• Drive system: 8 gear
Pros• Steel housing makes the machine powered up
Cons• Muffler is small


Has heated hand grips and auto turn steering technology perfect for your comfort.

Key features• Has heated hand grips
Pros• Blows up to 55 feet
Cons• High 21″ housing height wears out the drifts


It’s a commercial series that allows the movement of snow from large areas in a shorter period.

Key features• 16″ auger diameter
Pros• Can blow tons of snow per hour
Cons• Starts on the first pull might lack electric start


It’s made as a professional grade to survive any terrain when it’s slippery, icy, or hilly.

Key features• Has hydrostatic drive
Pros• Accessible to power through piles of snow
Cons• It only comes in one model

Rapid track

Key features• Has wheeled do-throw model
• It is made with an adjustable wheel suitable for every snow condition
Pros• Designed to move fast
Cons• Doesn’t do fixed-plane setting for gravel

Ariens Snow Blowers: Overall

Stand out features• Dual belt drive
• Optional super high output impeller but in some models
Overall Pros • Remote chute rotator enables easy to control for chute direction
• Excellence metal framework
Overall cons• More expensive
• Limited size

Husqvarna Snow Blowers Features and Model Range

Husqvarna 200 Series

A high-capacity garden tractor built for home owners and landowners. It delivers robust levels while maximizing your comfort.

Key features• Deluxe comfort seat
• Has a dual pedal drive
Pros• Affordable
Cons• Can have problems while starting it

Husqvarna 300 Series

A good snow blower choice – strong and has an affordable price.  

Key features• High back seat
• Great engine and big tires
Pros• Suitable for a large farm
Cons• Can have linkage and still uses an outdated technology

Husqvarna 400 Series

These snow blowers are designed for commercial services.

Key features• Electric starter
• Remote chute deflector
Pros• Can withstand harsh conditions
Cons• Can be quite expensive

Husqvarna Snow Blowers: Overall

The Husqvarna snow blowers are manufactured by the Husqvarna Company. Aside from the snow blowers, this company offers other gardening outdoor and forest tools like robotic mowers, lawn mowers and more. 

A lot of snow blowers reviews speak highly of this brand, and it’s not surprising – Husqvarna is best for deeper snow, hills and slippery surfaces.

Stand out features• X-Trac: Heavy tread and excellent traction- Airless tires and punctures
• Remote chute operator gives easy to control for the chute direction
• Clearing stick included clearing the chute clogging happens
Overall Pros • Effective durability
• Wide range of model size
• Powerful augers
Overall cons• Not suitable over 30 inches clearance width
• Limited throwing distance

Ariens Vs. Husqvarna: Comparing the Features

Brand FeatureAriensHusqvarna
Clearance width21-36 inches24-30 inches
Auger ModelSingle-stage, two-stageSingle-stage, two-stage
Electric startAll modelsOnly some models
Engine power150-400cc150-400cc

Clearance Width

Ariens has a clearance width of 21-36 inches while Husqvarna has 24-30 inches.


Ariens has a single and two stages auger model, while Husqvarna has both available and two-stage models.

Electric Start

Ariens has all models of electric start, while Husqvarna has only one model.


Both Ariens and Husqvarna have an engine of 150-400 cc. 


The price of the Ariens is a bit higher compared to Husqvarna, which is quite fair.

What Snow Blower to Pick?

So according to all the information we’ve gathered, we can say that you can choose Ariens if you need:

  • An exceptionally wide or narrow clearance width; they have the highest range.
  • To ensure that the belt doesn’t wear first.
  • A commercial Snow blower with tracks, and not wheels.

As for Husqvarna you can pick it if you:

  • Don’t mind a clearance width of between 24-30 inches.
  • Want models with standard electric starts.
  • Need LED lights and grips for your comfort and easy use.


And that’s about it for our research! Now that we’ve compared the husqvarna vs ariens snowblower, we hope that we managed to help you to choose the one that will satisfy your needs. Generally speaking, there’s not much difference between these snow blowers and both can be an excellent choice for you. However, the Ariens tends to be much better due to its larger engine which creates an added power. So just keep in mind the information we gave, and pick whichever model works for you!

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