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2-stage Snow Blowers Under $1000 – Everything You Need to Know

Most of us loved the winter when we were kids, but as we grow up we start to realize that it’s not as fun as we remember. Everything is snowed in, it’s slippery and doesn’t even get us started in the rural areas. There is just way too much work to be done cleaning snow!

Thankfully, in the modern day and age, it’s a lot easier to clean snow than it was just 50 years ago – we now have snow blowers! These bad boys do a wonderful job at cleaning the snow fast and, most importantly, effective and with less effort.

But there’s a downside – the price. Not everyone can afford a machine that would worth a grand. However, it’s not a reason why you need to drop this idea altogether since there is a way to save your money AND get this helpful machine – you can get the best 2-stage snow blower under $1000.

While it may seem challenging, it’s really easy to find a good and affordable snowblower that won’t break your bank and will be of high quality.

And to help you find one, we’ve decided to research this topic in more depth, and find some of the top affordable options in the market, as well as what you need to pay attention to, in order to ensure that you get the best 2-stage snow blower under $1000 2023. So let’s take a look!

Top 7 Two-stage Snow Blowers Under $1000: Comparison Table

Power SourceEngine TypeStart TypeClearing CapacityMax Throw DistanceDimensionsWeight
Champion Power Equipment 100679Gas4-cycleElectric24 inch30 ft54.7 x 24 x 45.3 inches183 pounds
Briggs & Stratton 1024 Standard SeriesGas4-cycleElectric24 inchn/a53 x 26 x 38 inches175 pounds
PowerSmart PSS2240CGas4-cycleElectric24 inch40 ft32.68 x 25.2 x 22.2 inches148.8 pounds
YARDMAX YB6770Gas4-cycleElectric26 inch~30 ft
56.5 x 44.5 x 38 inches
177 pounds
PowerSmart DB7622HGas4-cycleManual22 inch40 ft33 x 22 x 28 inches154 pounds
EGO Power+ SNT2400Cordless Electricn/aElectric24 inch50 ft49 x 26 x 45 inches154.7 pounds
Poulan Pro PR241Gas4-cycleElectric24 inchn/a52.25 x 28.5 x 35 inches240 pounds

2-stage Snow Blowers Grades Overview 

Let’s start off by clarifying, that there are several grades of the best snow blowers:      

  • Entry level: If you only want to blow heavy ice, then you can’t go wrong with something like a 2-stage entry-level snowblower Moreover, it will outshine any electrical or single-stage machine.
  • Mid-grade: Mid-grade variants are larger, bulkier, and tougher, tossing ice and snow up to 10 feet further than their equivalents. Moreover while creating these 2 stage snowblower under $1000 reviews, we’ve learned that most versions come with interconnecting buttons and compact fluorescent headlights. And since it gets dark in winter pretty fast, it would be nice to have these to light your way. 
  • Professional-grade: These are truly the best snow blower under 1000 option since they are the most sturdy, effective, and used by a lot of professionals.

2-stage Blowers vs 1- and 3-Stage Blowers

using heavy duty snow blower

When we’re talking about 2-stage vs 3-stage snowblower, then it’s important to point out that both devices could be used under the same conditions, with almost the same fall accumulation height. However, the benefit of the three-stage model is that it’s perfect for heavy, compressed ice, or medium-duty cleaning in general. It’s the overall best model. 

Meanwhile, if we’re discussing a 2-stage blower vs 1-stage snowblower, then the former is an obvious winner. The two-stage model is way better at removing heavy ice and a lot of snow. These are some of the best snow blowers for a gravel driveway or uneven terrain. A single-stage snowblower, however, would serve for around 8-12 inches and on a road surface.

Now, let’s take a look at a comparisons table, according to the snowblower rating:

FeatureOne StageTwo StageThree Stage
Clearing Width18’’ to 21’’21’’ to 30’’28’’ to 32’’
Snow TypeHeavyHeavy and wetHeavy, wet, and ice
Surface TypePaved onlyPaved and gravelPaved and gravel
Snow DepthUp to 12’’Up to 12’’ to 16’’Above 16’’

Factors You Should Look for When Buying the Best 2 stage Snow Blower under $1000

To find only the best 2-stage snow blower, you need to keep in mind several very important aspects. These are:

Engine Power

Gas blowing machines have engines that vary from around 200 to more than 400 cubic centimeters and require power from 6 horsepower up to mid-20s. Moreover, some snowblowers under $800 with big engines can accommodate greater auger measurements and higher intake depths.


The material of the snowblower is one of the determining factors of its quality. Thus, always make sure that your best 2-stage snow thrower is made of sturdy, good material, such as steel. One-stage blowing devices usually have rubber paddles to catch and push the lot for one motion, whereas 2-stage snow blowers under $1000 mostly have metal clamps that break into deeper ice to fuel the thruster.

Clearing Width

using snow blower in deep snow

All the best 2-stage snow blowers under $1000 must have a snow clearing width of 20-30 inches. Meanwhile, according to a lot of the 2-stage snow blower under $1000 reviews, the snow cleaning height of the machine should be around 20.

Mowing Capacity

Single-stage systems are effective up to 8 inches of ice. 2-stage machines under $1000 and 3-stage systems are capable of treating up to 16 inches of ice or even more. However, most machines do it at 700 or even 800 pounds per minute. So keep this in mind, and always remember to choose a 2-stage snowblower with a higher mowing capacity – they’re more effective and help you do your job a lot faster.

Tires and Wheels

Big tires provide greater grip and smoother handling. However, some models of the best 2-stage snow blowers have tracks, instead of wheels. And this is a better option than the weels since such blowers are perfect for any road – they won’t get stuck in the snow and will provide more stability and maneuverability.


All of the 2-stage snowblowers under $1000, can last from 10 to 15 years. However, it all comes down to proper maintenance and the overall quality and materials.

Extra features

  • Some medium and large snow blowers have so-called Snow cabins. These are a great feature since they shield you from ice, sleet, or freezing rain.
  • Hydrostatic drive allows you a broader range of speeds and more command over the pace of a self-propelled machine. This allows choosing a pace that is most comfortable for you. 
  • Power steering allows for some maneuverability and makes it easy to handle the equipment.
  • It’s great if your machine has heated handgrips that can save your hands from the cold weather.

Safety Tips

Regardless of whether you’re using a 2-stage snow blower, or you’ve caught on one of the Husqvarna Vs. Ariens battle and now deciding between these 2, it’s still essential to follow all the safety tips of working with a snowblower.

  • If you see a snowstorm approaching, it’s best to wait for it to pass, unless your snowblower has a snow cabin. 
  • It’s still a smart idea to wear hearing protection if you have running loud equipment. Gas versions can be very noisy, often more than 85 decibels, and can inflict hearing loss.
  • If you have gas-powered equipment never drive it inside the workshop or barn, even if the door is open. The exhaust gases of such machines have carbon monoxide which is very damaging to your health.


All and all what is the most important thing you need to keep in mind to choose only the best 2-stage snow blowers under $1000? Well, you need to make sure that it has a good engine, preferably has tracks, and that the machine is made of sturdy materials, such as steel. Other additions are also a very useful feature to have, however, keep in mind that the more of them your machine has, the pricier it will be. So think about what’s more important to you – the price or a lot of features, and choose the one that checks all the criteria that makes the best 2-stage snow blower 2023!

So good luck, and feel free to let us know if you have any more questions!

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