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Best Zero Turn Mower for Easy Lawn Care

Every spring, you can see a bunch of homeowners in their yards taking care of their flowers and plants. Nature waking up is, indeed, fantastic for many of us. It is especially true after a long and relatively cold winter such as the one behind us. However, everyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful yard needs to take good care of it. Would you agree?

Can you think of some essential things a homeowner wanting to have a beautiful yard needs to do? That’s right – every homeowner needs to mow the lawn! People have contradicting opinions regarding this task. Some are passionate about their lawns – they have the best mowers they can afford, plant special grass, and do everything they can to have the most attractive lawn in the neighborhood. Others think that it is enough to trim the grass once or twice a year and that every mower is splendid for the job!

We are here to tell you that it is a misconception! It is not to say that you have to spend a fortune, but if you want to have a decent green surface in your yard, you need to be ready to invest in a quality lawn mower. But the question is – which one to choose and how can you know that it will suit your needs? In our case, a close friend who knows about them gave us some recommendations about what makes the best residential zero turn mower for us. According to him, these machines are becoming super popular, and he believed that it would be a great option for us. And he was not wrong, since the model we got truly made our job around the lawn a lot easier. And now that we found the perfect option for us, we’re excited to share everything we’ve learned in these zero-turn lawn mower reviews, so that hopefully you could also understand what makes the best zero turn mower and how to choose it.

Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mowers: Comparison Table

ModelCutting DeckPower SourceEngineMax Forward SpeedMax Reverse Speed
Husqvarna Z25454 inchesGas26 HP Kohler6.5 MPH3.5 MPH
Craftsman Z52546 inchesGas
23 HP Briggs & Stratton
7 MPH3.5 MPH
Husqvarna Z254F54 inchesGas26 HP Kohler6.5 MPH3.5 MPH
Ariens 991151 Apex60 inchesGas24 HP Kawasaki8 MPH4 MPH
Husqvarna MZ6161 inchGas24 HP Kawasak8 MPH5 MPH

What Are Zero Turn Mowers?

Many people wonder what exactly zero-turn means. It refers to the turning radius of the mower, which in this case is zero inches. And that is a much safer option then mowers that do have a turning radius, since you’re less prone to possible injuries. These mowers come with a mowing deck in front of the machine. Usually, ztr mowers come with four wheels, two in front and two in the back. A zero turn lawn mower is usually a much better option than tractors or even a classical gas or electric mower, since those are very dangerous, especially for kids. They are also excellent for beginners since maneuvering is super fast and straightforward.

How Does Zero Turn Mower Work?

Every zero turn mower comes with operator handles which control each drive wheel and consequently the steering. Talking about steering it is essential to say that many people have the idea of the vehicle with a steering wheel. However, instead of the steering wheel, in this case, you have two levers that control the two motors that are connected to wheels. The unique thing about walk-behind and zero turn riding lawn mowers is that while one wheel turns forward, the other one can go in reverse. It is what enables the machine to turn in zero-degree radiuses. And when you are operating residential or commercial zero turn mowers, the wheels can go in the same or opposite directions depending on your specific needs.

Key Advantages of Owning a Zero Turn Mower

The main advantages of top-rated zero turn mowers are speed and maneuverability. The fact that this machine comes with a front mowing deck enables it to trim larger surfaces in a shorter time. But we are going to check out some other advantages of the best zero turn lawn mower.

  • Higher mowing efficiency: The motor of May models of these machines comes with a horsepower of 10 -30. Besides, they have a long blade radius which allows them to cut more grass.
  • Versatility: Many of these models come with various attachments that allow you to mulch and cut the lawn at the same time. You can also attach a tool for removing the snow.
  • Effortless operation: It is especially the case if you purchase a riding lawn mower.

Are There Any Limitations?

Same like anything else, zero turn lawn mower also comes with some limitations. For example, you should avoid using it when the grass is wet, as it will be more challenging to control the spinning movements. Besides that, it is advised that you take extra care if you use it on slopes with angles between ten and 15 degrees. The main reason is that it can be difficult for the machine to climb very steep slopes. To prevent it from rolling over it is best to give up if you notice a problem.

What to Look for in a Zero Turn Mower?

Yard Size and Ground Type

Of course, when purchasing a lawn mower, these are the first two things that you need to consider. Residential lawn mowers are made for smaller and relatively even terrains. They are lightweight and aren’t meant to be used every day. They can do a perfect job if the size of your lawn doesn’t exceed acres. If you are looking for the best lawn mower for 5 acres or more, you should go for a commercial lawn mower. These are also better zero turns for hills as they will work much more efficiently on steep and uneven terrains. They are more powerful, and you can work with them daily if needed.

Gas vs. Electric

While creating our zero turn mowers reviews, we’ve noticed that there is an ongoing discussion about which is better – gas or electric mower. Well, that all depends on many factors. It is much easier to find gas-powered cheap zero turn mowers. They are also considered more powerful. However, gas zero turn mowers are much heavier and require more maintenance than electric models. But, according to many zero turn mower ratings from users, many people prefer gas options as they see them as more convenient. Besides that, they have existed in the market for some time, and there are plenty of models at various prices.

Electric zero turn mower is a relatively recent invention, and thus it’s often on a more expensive side. They are less powerful than gas-powered commercial lawn mowers. However, we can say that the power of the electric model is the same as the power of residential gas-powered zero-turn. They are battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about buying the petrol or changing the sparks.

Motor Power

The motor power of these machines varies between 10 and 30 HP. Those with a motor of 10 to 20 HP are small and perfect for little flat yards. If you purchase a machine with an engine of 20 to 25 horsepower, you will have a residential zero-turn lawn mower that can cut the grass on a medium-sized lawn in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Another thing we’ve determined while making these zero turn mower reviews is that machines with a motor power of over 25 HP are commercial grade, designed for large and uneven terrains.

Cutting Deck Width

Cutting deck width determines how much grass you can cut at once. Logically, the wider the cutting deck, the more grass you will cut. On average, the cutting deck width varies between 42 and 61 inches.

Levers and Controls

To mow the lawn effortlessly, you should look for a model that comes with ergonomic and comfortable levers and controls. The best zero turn mower for the money is always the one that allows you to operate it easily. Plus, you should be able to change your settings without having to get out reaching for the levers, so keep that in mind.

What Are Best Zero Turn Mowers Brands?

BrandMade inKey Features
HusqvarnaSweden• Powerful
• Efficient
• Smooth transition
AriensUSA• Quiet
• Fast
Troy-BiltUSA• Commercial grade
• Budget-friendly


How to Maintain a Zero Turn Mower?

  • Regularly check the oil, spark plugs, and air filter.
  • Clean the deck after each use.
  • Check the tires before using the machine.
  • Sharpen the blades two, three times per year.
  • Keep it in a garage to avoid exposure to rain.
  • Take it for service every six to twelve months.

How Do You Steer a Zero Turn Mower?

As we mentioned, these machines don’t come with a steering wheel. Instead, there are levers that you move back and forward to steer the mower. If you push the left lever, you will turn left, and if the right one will make you turn right.

Do Zero Turn Mowers Work on Slopes?

Generally, yes, they will work on slopes up to 15 degrees angles. However, if the terrain comes with steep slopes, it is better to opt for a commercial zero-turn. And never use a mower on a very steep slope, as it is very dangerous! Thus, it’s a better idea to look for a mower that has roll-over protection to prevent accidents.

Do Zero Turn Mowers Have Brakes?

It depends on the model. Some come with foot pedal brakes, other models don’t. However, if there is no pedal brake, there is some other system. Usually, you can stop the machine by putting the levers in a neutral position.


And that’s all we wanted to share with you about what zero turn mowers are and how they work! All and all, keep in mind that residential options are perfect for smaller yards and those with flat ground. And if your yard is larger than five acres, then you should opt for a commercial model. And of course never forget about safety! Make sure that even the best zero turn mower is simple to use, has brakes and you follow all the safety rules

And with that said, we sincerely hope that our little research will help you find only the best zero-turn lawn mower 2023! These amazing machines are becoming more and more popular, and we have no doubt that you won’t be disappointed in this little lawn helper!So have you ever used ztr mowers before? What were your experiences?

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