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Choosing The Best Lawn Mower For 5 Acres In 2023

If there’s one thing that every person agrees on, is that there’s nothing more prideful than having a beautiful and well-kept lawn. However the biggest problem is not just the fact that you have to do a lot of work, but it’s finding the right equipment to do it.  After all, a brush hog cannot mow a 5-acre lawn so that creates the need to find only the best lawn mower for 5 acres. But how to find one is a whole new dimension of a problem, especially if you have no idea what to look for and/or have no experience. What size mower for 5 acres? Worry not, we’re here to help!

In this article, we will give you the best tips on the best lawn mower for 5 acres 2023, give you insights on their use, and show you which type of lawn mower is best with different garden sizes and landscape requirements.

Our Top 3 best zero turn mowers for five acres:

  1. Husqvarna MZ61 – best riding lawn mower for 5 acres – View Review
  2. Husqvarna Z254 – top rated 5 acre lawn mower – View Review
  3. Ariens 991151  – best mower for 5 acres with hills – View Review

Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers for 5 Acres: Comparison Chart

Cutting DeckPower SourceEngineMax Forward SpeedMax Reverse SpeedWeight
Husqvarna YTA24V4848 inchesGas24 HP Briggs & Stratton7.75 MPH3 MPH492 pounds
Husqvarna Z25454 inchesGas26 HP Kohler6.5 MPH3.5 MPH640 pounds
Ariens 99115160 inchesGas24 HP Kawasaki8 MPH4 MPH855 pounds
Husqvarna MZ6161 inchesGas27 HP Briggs & Stratton10 MPH8 MPH770 pounds
Husqvarna Z248F48 inchesGas21.5 HP Kawasaki6.5 MPH3.25 MPH770 pounds

5 Acre Mower Buyer’s Guide

So what is the most important thing you need to consider when choosing the best lawn mower for 5 acres? Well, the most important aspects should be the type, deck size, transmission, and budget. Moreover, in order to pick only the best mower for 5 acres, you need to keep to understand:

Do I Need a 5-acre Lawn Mower?

Having only the best mower for 5 acres is essential if you want to keep your lawn neat and well maintained. After all, the lawn is the face of your house, so you need to make sure that it looks amazing.

Why Bother With Acreage for Lawn Mower Choice?

It’s essential because some machines simply can’t perform this job properly. For example, a brush hog cannot mow a 5-acre lawn, so you’ll need something else to do it, and a small tractor for 5 acres is just made for that. The type of mower you use will depend on the size, landscape, and needs you might have around your yard. 

On the flip side, if you use the mower for the wrong acreage, it will make your job a lot harder, to a point that the machine can even damage your grass. Therefore, it is not only economical but logical to pick a mower that suits your acreage.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for 5 Acres

Choosing the right mower for 5 acres can be rather challenging unless you know what to pay attention to. While different experts have their opinions regarding lawn mowers for 5 acres, the best course of action is to realize what you need and know which aspects are essential in all the best lawn mower for 5 acres.

Cutting Deck Size and Cutting Width

This is one of the most essential features to pay attention to since cutting deck size shows how much grass gets cut. For example, a riding mower for 5 acres deck size ranges between 28 to 36 inches. Meanwhile a small tractor for 5 acres, the deck size can go as high as 48 inches. And the tractors with best deck models have a deck size of 54 inches. 

Much like the deck size, a larger cutting width means you will cover more space while working.

Body Configuration

There are three body configuration types for riding mowers for 5 acres: rear engine mowers, lawn tractor, and zero-turn mowers.

  • Rear engine mower: It is a configuration of a lawn mower  for homelanders with little storage space and rather low budget. It is the best choice for small lawns, since the engine is pretty small. The fuel is located at the back of the mower, and the problem is that when you go up, the front wheels may lose the surface.
  • Lawn tractor: The best lawn tractor for 5 acres succeeds where the rear engine fails. They are firmer and tougher, which makes them great for pulling attachments. Also, lawn tractors have large engines and larger cutting widths. While this lawn mower for 5 acres might seem like the best choice, keep in mind that it still has one problem – a low-speed motor. Therefore, if you need a quick landscaping mower, this might not be the best choice.
  • Zero-turn mower: Zero-turn mowers have the largest cutting deck size. Much like the best zero turn mower for 5 acres their cutting deck is usually between 40-60 inches, which is great. After all, a wider deck size means higher efficiency, since your lawn mower can cut more grass and cover more space in less time. Moreover, these types of mowers are highly portable, thanks to their 360-turn feature and high speed and performance. The zero-turn mowers, being the best bet in the market when it comes to lawn mowers for 5 acres, have a pretty great price tag but also have some cons. The main one is the fact that they ride easily around heels and slopes, but have problems with the front wheels since the fuel is in the back. But despite this, zero-turn mowers are ultimately considered to be the best lawn mower for 5 acres.

Engine Power

When you’re looking for the best zero turn mower for your yard, the engine power is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Remember – the power should always be greater than the mower weight, and a heavy engine gives your mower more speed and efficiency.

Engine power is measured in two different ways; horsepower and cubic centimeters (cc) number. The higher the horsepower number in a lawn mower, the more powerful its engine. So for a mower for 5 acres, its horsepower should be between 10-25HP.

Like horsepower, the higher the cubic centimeters (cc) number, the more powerful the engine. When purchasing a lawn mower for 5 acres, it is best to pay keen interest to this number. And remember: a good mower for 5 acres should have engine power between 300-800cc.


There are 3 main transmission types for riding mowers for 5 acres: manual, automatic, and hydrostatic. However the hydrostatic transmission mowers tend to be very expensive, and no one uses them on affordable mowers for 5 acres because of that.

  • Manual (gear-driven): The manual or gear-driven transmission in a small tractor for 5 acres works the same way as the manual-transmission in cars. In this type of transmission, all the gears are shifted manually. It has a clutch just as a manually driven car and works the same way.
  • Automatic: Just like an automatic car transmission, the mower for 5 acres changes the gears for you. This makes these types of mowers very easy to run. They are a bit expensive, but considering how much load of the work is lifted, we still give it an excellent recommendation, and so do hundreds of lawn mower for 5 acres​​​​​​​ reviews.

Mulching, Bagging & Grass Discharging Options

High-quality mowers for 5 acres can perform mulching, bagging, and discharging functions. Just keep in mind that some smaller mowers might not have all these options, so you’ll have to get specific attachments separately.

Extra Accessories

Different models of riding mowers offer different types of features. So if you want the best lawn mower for 5 acres to be even more powerful, look for these accessories:

  • Fuel-level monitor: As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to monitor the fuel usage of your small tractor for 5 acres.
  • Landscaping needs: Each riding mower for 5 acres favors a certain type of landscape. For instance, the rear engine mower is great for narrow-path yards e.t.c. So make sure to look out for features that suit your landscape.
  • Engine monitor: Some models have a meter that lets you know for how long the engine is running. It is useful for keeping a maintenance schedule.

Final Thoughts

And that’s pretty much all we had on the best lawn mowers for 5 acres! Overall, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the engine power of your machine, since the entire mowing process depends on it. Other than that keep in mind all the essential tips we gave, feel free to check some best lawn mowers for 5 acres reviews, and we’re sure that you’ll find only the best lawn mower for 5 acres in no time! So good luck, and feel free to ask away if you have any more questions regarding what to look for in the best lawn mower for 5 acres 2023!

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