Best Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer In 2020
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Find The Best Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer In 2021

If you want a healthy lawn, then surely you would want to prevent unnecessary growth. You don’t want any weed or crabgrass in your green lawn. And so to obstruct its growth, you need the best pre emergent crabgrass preventer. It is always good to obstruct the unnecessary growth before it starts coming out and making seeds. Continue reading to know more about the best products.

Top 7 Best Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventers: Comparison Chart

Area CoveredGrass Not to Use OnControl TimeWeight
Scotts 32367F5000 sq. ft.Dichondra, Bentgrass3 monthsn/a
GreenView 212926810000 sq. ft.Colonial Bentgrass, Floratam St. Augustine, Carpetgrass, Dichondran/a36 pounds
GreenView 21312515000 sq. ft.n/aAll season13.5 pounds
Scotts WeedEx5000 sq. ft.Dichondra, Bentgrassn/a10 pounds
Jonathan Green & Sons 12350 391785000 sq. ft.n/an/a12.5 pounds
Spectracide 85832-13000 sq. ft.Floratam St. Augustine5 months10.8 pounds
Bonide BND604005000 sq. ft.n/an/a9.5 pounds

The Difference Between Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Herbicide Needed for Crabgrass

There are two types of crabgrass preventers. The first one that you can apply before the crabgrass starts germinating. The second one can be applied after the crabgrass has grown. Let’s read more about these two. Choose the one that suits you best.

Pre-emergent crabgrass preventer kills the seeds of weeds before it can grow in your lawn. The pre emergent crabgrass herbicide is an effective killer as it protects your grass from facing any weed attack. This type of herbicide is a preventive measure. When you apply this product, it causes a hindrance on the surface, making the seeds die. It requires water to activate. 

But if the crabgrass has already started to grow, then you need to kill it with the post-emergent herbicide for crabgrass. It is effective as you will apply it when you see crabgrass on your grass. This type of crabgrass preventer kills the crabgrass and weeds when they’ve already grown. We recommend you to the former one. You can choose the one with the best pre emergent crabgrass preventer review. 

Picking the Best Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer

Liquid vs. Granular?

There are two types of pre emergent crabgrass control. One is the liquid or the spray one. The other one is the granular one. You can choose any one of them of your liking. To apply the granular one, you have to put water to the grass and then apply the best pre emergent crabgrass control. The liquid pre emergent crabgrass preventer has to be applied with the correct quantity of water. You need a sprayer to apply this type of herbicide. In both the types you need an extra step before you can start applying your herbicide so you can choose accordingly.

How Much Quantity of the Product Will You Require?

The amount of herbicide you require depends on how long is your yard. You can measure your yard. Then go through the best pre emergent crabgrass preventer review to have a practical idea about how much of the product your yard requires. Purchase one container and see how much more you require. Then buy more.

Can You Keep the Edibles Close Safely?

There are pre emergent crabgrass control products which are made for your vegetable garden. If you’re growing edibles in your garden then choose the best pre emergent crabgrass preventer which is safe to use on your edible plants. It is formulated in such a way that they are 100% safe for your edible plants. Read the packaging and look for the one which is safe to use on your vegetable garden.

Are There Any Limitations in Your Area?

The crabgrass preventer can cause allergies in people who are sensitive thus it is not permitted to use in places where the population is high. However, if your lawn is in an open space then feel free to use it. But do check for the details on the packaging and see if is restricted in the place where you’re applying it. 

What Else to Pay Attention to?

  • Affecting on other weeds: There are herbicides which kill all kinds of weeds. All the pre emergent crabgrass control products will not be of this type. You have to look for the product you require. If there is a crabgrass issue then use product which kills crabgrass. It can be costly which you need to keep in mind while purchasing.
  • Weatherproof: Try to purchase a product which can work even during the rainy season. This will help your crabgrass work effectively even during the monsoon. It is quite significant as the rainy season might wash away your weed control, eventually wasting the product. If the rainy season is quite harsh in your area, then weed growth will be quite difficult anyway. But for safety measures apply pre emergent crabgrass preventer without fertilizer to have a greener lawn with no unnecessary growth.

How to Apply the Best Pre Emergent Crabgrass Preventer?

The Right Time to Apply Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer

March to April is the best time to apply your weed control product. The soil temperature must be above 55 F. It should be of that temperature for 36 to 72 hours, and then you have to put the product. It controls and obstructs unnecessary weeds from growing during the summers. This is for the summer season. But during the fall season, apply the product when the temperature is around 70 F for 5 days for the best results. 

The Right Way to Apply Pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer

If your crabgrass preventer is granular, then apply water and then apply the product to make the formula get into the soil better. But if your product is liquid, then put the water to the product first and then spray it on the crabgrass. This is because the crabgrass and weeds can capture the active formula before it reaches the soil thus application of water is essential. You don’t want to ruin all the good grass in your lawn. And thus do not spray or apply the herbicide all over the lawn without any supervision. You have to apply the product to the areas where there is crabgrass growth. You can apply your product during the springtime for the best results as it will kill the seeds from growing. 

Final Word

Now that you have read about the herbicide thus it is safe to assume that you know which type of crabgrass preventer you require. To keep your lawn weed-free and tidy, you need the best pre emergent crabgrass preventer 2021. You can choose a product of your liking and apply it taking all the safety measures and following all the steps. We wish you a happy and healthy lawn. Share your results in the comments.

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