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The Best Heavy Duty Brush Hog: Your Choice Made Easy

Maintaining that garden or large yard at home can give you sleepless nights. And getting the right tools and equipment, and even tougher job. However, you can cut this out by getting the best brush hog available in the store. But how do you do this? It requires a very keen eye to pick a good brush hog even when purchasing the best brush hog brands in the market. Here, we will share all the secrets and pointers you will need for the best brush hog 2020. So, tighten your seat belts and read on.

The Best Heavy Duty Brush Hog Buying Guide

While every garden and home yard needs a different type of brush hog to maintain, there are a few things to keep on top of your mind before deciding on the best brush hog mower for your specific field. The review will also discuss the considerations before making that brush hog purchase. 

What to Look for when Choosing the Best Heavy Duty Brush Hog

While you should comb through many brush hog reviews before deciding on what heavy duty brush hog to buy, most of the factors that make up a good brush hog are largely constant. They are; 

Easy Maintenance and Handling

Before you spend good money on a brush hog, make sure that you can not only handle it but also maintain it. Mowing through vast tracts of land is a huge problem when the mower is not in sync with your hand. Therefore, before you buy one, ensure that you have read every instruction on its handling and understand it.

Moreover, you also have to look into the ease of maintenance. This can be determined by the availability of maintenance equipment and personnel. While there are experts at almost every corner store these days, you should at least be able to do the maintenance yourself. Fortunately, heavy duty brush mowers are not that hard to figure out even if you are not a handyman. 

Brush Speed

When choosing a heavy duty brush hog that will save you time spent on the field, speed is the most important factor. The speed of the brush hog is directly dependent on its transmission. A higher transmission means higher speed.

The cutting power also goes a long way in ensuring the work is done quicker. A brush hog’s ability to quickly cut thick pieces of grass into smaller ones will reduce time. This cutting power can be best judged by the blade speed as well as the average speed.

Engine Type and Power

The cutting efficiency and power of brush cutters are largely dependent on the size of its engine. A larger engine generates higher horsepower, which increases its cutting power. Also, it makes sure that it does not wear out within a short time of working. This is something you do not get in smaller engines.

However, massive cutting power does not mean that the brush hog will cut your brush quicker. The cutting power only offers a peek into what types of brush it can cut and determines whether it will be used commercially or at home. To decide on the best heavy duty brush hog, you will need to look at the maximum diameter that it cuts.

Durability and Overall Construstion Quality

Obviously, you want a brush hog that will last and cope with the type of work you want it for. Besides, it is also wise to get one that will save you the most on maintenance costs.

The durability of the brush cutter is highly dependent on the type of material used to make essential components like the blade. Brush cutters made from steel last way longer and cut through thick grass more efficiently. For a heavy duty brush hog, the tires should be relatively large to deliver a good cut.

We also mentioned earlier on the cutting diameter of your hog. Notably, the build of the deck best determines the diameter. A wider deck means it will cut more grass and faster, while the deck suspension system ensures that it stays a reasonable distance above ground to avoid scrapping it.


The best brush hog for the money is one that has additional uses. Like, besides cutting your grass, can it cut your hedge? Can it saw your pole? If yes, this is definitely a good buy. The best brush hogs often have accompanying attachments that ensure you can do more work and make the best bargains for your money. 

Best Heavy Duty Brush Hog FAQ

Of course, going through brush hog reviews will help you make a great decision. But you also need answers to common questions. The most important thing to understand in your heavy duty brush hog is the user’s manual. Ensure that you have read each and every instruction and understood it well before you start mowing or even before buying.

Can I mow grass during the rainy season?

Yes, and yes. It is totally acceptable and possible to mow your grass when it is raining, only that it will not be as fine as dry grass. It also takes a lot more horsepower to pull a brush hog in the rain.

How do I tell the right size for the best heavy duty brush hog?

When picking a heavy duty brush cutter for tractor, keep to the rule of thumb. This means that your PTO HP (Horsepower) should be 5HP per width. Hence, if you have a 5” bush ho, you should maintain a 25 to 30HP PTO.

How often should I sharpen the blades for my brush hog?

The mower should be kept in good condition and always ready to use. Therefore, it ought to be sharpened every few months.

How deep does a brush hog cut?

While modern bush hogs can clear thick vegetation, it is advisable that you stick to the threshold rule: 2 inches thickness. This will ensure it lasts longer.

Final Word

While we have done our best to guide you on what to look for before purchasing a bush hog, the end decision lies with you. Ensure that you get the best rated brush hog for your lawn. It will get not only the best return on your purchase but also a mower that does its job and lasts long. Customer reviews are a great way to make the best brush hog 2020 pick and reflect the mower’s true functionality. Otherwise, keep at it and maintain a great looking lawn.

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