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Find Out Everything There Is to Know About Mowing Wet Grass

Spring is a wonderful season and brings out a lot of joy. Nature is waking up, and days start to be warmer and longer. But it often brings a lot of rain as well. And rainy season brings a lot of doubts and confusion into the minds of people that have lawns. 

In case it rained, and you forgot to mow the lawn, you might be wondering what to do?! Can you cut the wet grass? Experienced homeowners and experts say that cutting wet grass isn’t a good idea. And that always made us curious: what’s the big deal about cutting wet grass? Why should it matter?

Well, to finally learn about it, we’ve decided to research this matter, and learn, once and for all – can you cut wet grass? And if not, why?

Why You Should Not Cut Grass When It‘s Wet? 

As it turns out, all the warnings were correct. Yes, you actually cannot cut the wet grass, and there are plenty of reasons why. First of all, it could damage the machine, since the water might get into the system and short-circuit your device. Second, the grass won’t be cut evenly. Moreover, it can also be dangerous for you because the grass is extremely slick. After all, slippery ground and moving blades are a pretty unsafe combination.

Lawn Mower Damage 

Whatever type of mower you have, surely, water is not good for it.  After all, the moisture can damage fuel, metal parts, electric currents, and engines. Many people think it is just about corrosion, but it is much more than that. The wet grass that gets stuck will also damage the blades and the mower will have to work harder then it is supposed to, which will cause more damage.

Uneven Cutting 

uneven mowing when wet

When blades are wet, they cannot perform well.  The point is that they have to stand upright to cut the grass properly but due to moisture they can’t. Of course, as they dry some of them will but this doesn’t happen equally with all blades, which in turn will create a problem. Part of the blades will stand up while others will practically hug the ground as you go and so the grass won’t be cut even if you are mowing grass when wet.

Clipping Clumps 

This is another important reason why the answer to the question “Should you mow wet grass?” is no. Because when you cut the wet grass it will stick to the blades and deck which will create clogs all over the lawn. These clogs can end up in the mower and then you have to spend additional time cleaning it.

The Spread of Grass Diseases 

The spread of disease is another important reason why you shouldn’t cut the grass when it’s wet.  You might wonder – what’s the deal and how are these things connected?  Well, the thing is that when the blade is wet, it’s more prone to spread the disease, like bacteria and other germs.

Mowing Wet Grass is Harder 

As you can imagine mowing grass when wet is harder and it will take you more time to do the job. Besides, since you won’t be satisfied with the appearance of the lawn, you’ll have to do it again soon. Another problem is that wet grass will stain your clothes, shoes, etc.

Risk of Slipping 

When you’re working with wet grass, there is a greater chance that you’ll slip when working with it. And if you do slip, it could result in a lot of mowing-related injuries: cuts, loss of fingers or toes, broken bones, etc. And it doesn’t depend at all on your skills, dexterity, or lawn mowing patterns techniques – this is just a matter of safety.

Mowing Wet Grass Tips 

Despite all of the reasons against it, sometimes you have no choice but to mow the wet lawn. It might be ‘cause it rained for a much longer period than you expected, that you were away for a while or you simply forgot. Then it is not so much the question “Can you mow the wet lawn?” but “How to do it in the best way?”.

So let’s take a look at the safest and most effective ways to mow the wet grass:

Sharpen Mower Blades 

sharpening lawn mower blades

When the blades aren’t sharp enough it will be a lot more challenging to cut the grass. It is like that in general as we know and it is the same with mower blades. Also, wet grass is heavier so it is not standing straight, and instead closer to the ground. That complicates the matter. One of the solutions to this problem is to make sure that blades on the mower are always properly sharpened.

Use Large-wheeled Mower

When you are wondering is it ok to cut wet grass you have to take into consideration that it is not only about the grass but also the ground. After a rain, the ground becomes incredibly soft and the wheels can sink in and damage not only the ground but also roots and so on. To prevent this from happening you should aim towards looking for an appropriate mower. Lawnmowers with wide wheels can be a good option because they are less likely to sink and cause damage.

Use Gas-powered Mower

Since they don’t involve electricity, gas-powered models are better for mowing grass when wet. Because, as you can imagine, otherwise it will be a lot more dangerous. They also often have serrated blades, which are better for wet grass. On the other hand, this type of mowers might be pricier.

Raise the Deck

This is an important factor. If the deck is too low you are risking a lot of damage when you are cutting wet grass. But if you have a mower with an adjustable deck then you can raise the deck and avoid putting too much stress on the engine.

Cut Grass in Smaller Swatches 

If you need to mow the lawn when it is wet then we recommend cut smaller parts than you would usually do. A lesser amount of grass that you cut in one pass will reduce the stress on the engine. Besides, your work will be much easier.

Clean Mower After Job is Done

When the grass is wet it tends to stick on the blades and the metal part of the mower.  And that can result in the spread of disease-carrying organisms.

How Soon After the Rain I Can Mow? 

If you are asking what is the perfect time, then we can advise you to wait for till the grass is dry. One way to understand if it is dry enough is to walk through the grass. If your feet aren’t wet then it is okay to mow the lawn. 

However, it is not always possible to wait that long. In that case, check if the pavement starts to get dry and if it does, then you can mow the lawn.

How Should I Know If It is Too Wet to Mow?

When it comes to mowing grass when wet some people are wondering how to know whether it is too wet. Generally, the best thing is to look for the state of the grass. If it is bending it means it is still pretty wet and you shouldn’t mow it. But if it is starting to stand upright, then it’s okay to cut it.

Final Words 

So all and all we can say with confidence that mowing the wet grass is not okay. Between the disease spread, dangers to your machine, and even yourself, it’s best to wait until the grass is dry, and only then to start mowing.

However, we all have different life situations. And in the case when you have no other choice but to mow wet grass, make sure that you follow all the safety measures – don’t use an electric lawn mower, make sure that the blades are sharp, and, most importantly, stay safe yourself! Walk slowly and very carefully. 

And that’s about it! It was pretty interesting research to make, and we’re happy that now not only we know more about this issue, but also that we get to share this information with you. And if you also have some knowledge – feel free to share it with us in the comments. Perhaps we can also learn a thing or two from you!

And what “pros” and “cons” do you follow when caring for the lawn? Share your experience in the comments below.

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