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A Complete Guide to Best Backpack Sprayers On the Market

It is often that our dreams of a beautiful and healthy garden get crushed when we start to notice a bunch of unwanted guests. Invasive plants and weeds – all of them show up when you least expect and start to wreak havoc on your green corner, stressing both the good plants and you. 

When you notice some of them in a very early stage, it’s very important to solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, your entire garden will soon be overrun with these pesky weeds.

So the best course of action is to grab some of the best backpack sprayers and take care of this problem.

Since we first hand know how annoying and challenging it can be to get rid of this problem effectively, we’ve decided to create these backpack sprayer reviews 2023 that will help you know all about the best backpack sprayers on the market, and save your garden from weeds.

Top 7 Best Backpack Sprayers: Comparison Chart

TypeCapacityMax PressureNozzles IncludedDimensionsWeight
Chapin 61800Manual4 gallonsn/a314.8 x 8.4 x 22.2 inches9.2 pounds
D. B. Smith Field King 190328Manual4 gallons150 PSI4
15 x 22.5 x 9.5 inches
12.8 pounds
KIMOElectric3 gallons70 PSI314.2 x 9.1 x 20.5 inches9.38 pounds
Solo 425Manual4 gallons90 PSI49 x 20 x 15 inches10.3 pounds
PetraTools HD4000Manual4 gallons70 PSI621 x 15.25 x 9 inches14.92 pounds
Rainmaker 708902Manual4 gallonsn/a418 x 7 x 23 inches8.18 pounds
Tomahawk Power TMD14Gas3.7 gallonsn/a1
21 x 17 x 26 inches
38 pounds

What is a Backpack Sprayer?

This is a portable sprayer that can be used to spray chemicals in your garden. Moreover, a backpack weed sprayer is very convenient, since it’s a plastic box that you carry on the back. It comes with a nozzle for the chemicals, and you can spray them while carrying this box.

The great thing about the best backpack sprayer is that it can be used for spot treatment of plants and weed control, even in hard-to-reach locations. But what’s better – you can also use it to spread other chemicals like gardening or organic garden care products like manure tea, oils, or natural insecticides.

Benefits of Using a Backpack Sprayer

  • Light, easy to use, and reliable for spraying every nook and corner.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • You can fill it with any liquid you wish to spray.
  • Could be used for maintaining houses against pests as well.
  • Reusable.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

  • The first and foremost drawback would be the weight of the device. A 4-gallon backpack sprayer means you will have to carry 10 to 12 lbs on your back.
  • It is great for lightweight chemicals but not suitable for viscous materials.
  • Sometimes you may stain your clothes due to some leakage.

Is It Safe to Use a Backpack Sprayer?

According to the backpacker sprayer reviews, it is not at all harmful for you to wear your backpack while spraying. Even if your units fail, the pressure escapes the system without causing any hazard. Moreover, spraying pesticides is very important for a healthy garden, since it’s one of the main pesticide habits for a healthy garden. 

However, even if it is safe, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the safety precautions. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How To Choose The Best Backpack Sprayer

Now, to choose only the most effective and best backpack sprayers on the market, it’s important to pay attention to some important details and be aware of certain aspects. These will help you make a choice a lot easier.

Types of Backpack Sprayers

electric backpack sprayer
  • Manual: They are most common and are operated by a hand pump. To use this backpack sprayer, you just have to keep pumping it or use a lock that sprays it automatically. Another great thing about these manual backpack sprayers is that they’re pretty affordable and get the job done really well.
  • Electric backpack sprayers: As the name suggests, this is a motorized device, operated by batteries. These backpacks are heavier than manual sprayers but are automatic. However they also have more storage, so if you have a bigger lawn and need to spray more – these backpack sprayers are the best choice for you.
  • Gas sprayers: The most powerful and effective backpack sprayers are often used for commercial purposes. This also means they are the most expensive of the three types. Another important thing we noticed while creating our backpack sprayers reviews, is that the gas-type sprayers can also act as leaf blowers. But on the downside, they can be rather noisy and uncomfortable, not to mention toxic.


Each model of the backpack sprayers has different levels of pressure. Those with low pressure will spray weakly and at a slower rate. And the one with high pressure is fast and has more impact. Keep in mind that professional backpack sprayers generally have a higher pressure which means it may harm closer by grass while working excellently for a distance. Hence, use it wisely.

Tank Capacity and Design

Getting a big tank will save you from the need to refill it now and then. But it also means you are exposing yourself to complications like chronic back pain since you’ll be carrying more weight. The size you must go for will also depend on the size of your garden. If it covers a large space, a little tank won’t do. 

The tanks usually have volumes of 2 to 5.5 gallons and come in different shapes, such as cylindrical, rectangular, and square.

Body Materials and Durability

plastic backpack sprayer

Backpack sprayers usually either come in plastic or stainless steel. The plastic ones are easier to carry around and clean. They are also cheaper. Meanwhile, backpacks of steel are usually a lot more durable and eco-friendly. 

As for the durability, it all comes down to the material and how often you use the portable sprayer. All the best backpack sprayers are chemical resistant and made of high-density material. And if properly taken care of, they can last up to 10 years. And of course, make sure you get one that has a good warranty period.

Extra Features

Backpack sprayers join by shoulder straps, nozzles, and a flat spray. Some even have nets and meshes that act as filters to keep the nozzle dirt-free. The O-rings and the gaskets work for chemical resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Working Pressure of a Backpack Sprayer?  

For non-commercial purposes, an electric backpack sprayer that has an operating pressure between 40 and 60 psi should work wonderfully. For commercial purposes, you may need somewhere around 100 psi. The higher your pressure will be, the larger areas would be covered.

How to Clean a Backpack Sprayer?

It needs to be cleaned after every use. Not cleaning it properly will affect durability. So follow these tips to clean your manual or battery-powered backpack sprayer:

  • After spraying, clean your tank and drain any leftover chemicals. 
  • Pump until all the liquid and air are discharged.
  • Use soap and water to clean the tank.
  • Avoid abrasive and harsh cleaning agents.

Final Word

A backpack sprayer is an essential piece of equipment for anybody who has a garden and wishes to maintain it in all its glory. With its help, you can stop the invasion of uninvited guests to your garden of Eden and spend the best evenings amidst plants and flowers. 

So keep in mind the little tips we gave you, and we’re certain that you’ll find only the best backpack sprayer on the market in no time!

So good luck, and let us know if you have any more questions! We would be happy to help you out however we can.

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