How to Keep Birds Away from Your House?

Don’t you love being woken up by bird songs? We do too, as many people around the world. Hearing birds means that warmer months are coming and that we can finally enjoy and relax outdoors.  We noticed that there is something more about listening and watching birds.  The moment they start appearing again after winter, we feel somewhat more upbeat and energized. Like all of our troubles don’t seem so important anymore, and we feel less anxious or depressed.

And many people engage in bird feeding, which is amazing, given how it allows us to connect to nature and relax. Plus, bird watching is quite beneficial for kids too as it stimulates proper psychological development and teaches them about fauna. And when you do it all in the distance, it’s nice, but once the birds get close to your house, that can be quite a headache. After all, having birds continually pooping and peeing on your windows isn’t pleasant. Just think of how tiring it is to clean it all the time! Fortunately, there are some methods how to keep birds away, and today, we would be glad to share them with you!

Why Keep Birds Away?

You may already have your reason why you want to keep birds away but we will also list some that are relevant to us.

Safety Reasons

If you have kids, it’s essential to keep in mind that birds aren’t always friendly. Birds can also be pretty aggressive when feeling threatened, or if they had a bad experience with humans (which is especially the case for Corvine birds, that have an exceptional memory). Parents-birds can also be especially aggressive since they’re preoccupied with protecting the young ones and they can perceive anybody close to the nest as an enemy. That is why it’s always important to learn how to keep birds from building nests near your house.

It’s not only that they produce loud voices as warning signs, but they can also attack with claws and beaks. We don’t want to scare you, it’s not like in a horror movie The Birds. But birds attacks are increasing and you can find various articles about such accidents. It’s no wonder that people google a lot about how to stop a bird from building a nest in springtime. To conclude, it’s better for your kids and even pets that you don’t have bird nests near your home.     

Health Reasons

If not before, during the pandemic we understood that proper hygiene is essential for good health. Hence, you won’t like birds’ nests near your home. One thing is that they spread bacteria, but another thing is that they are popping everywhere. And their feces can contain about 60 diseases or so!

How to Keep Birds Away From House

So then let’s take a look on on how to keep birds away from porch, and what can you do do protect yourself and your family?

Put Shiny Decoration in Front of Windows

This kind of bird protection will stop birds from nesting while you can have creative family time. The thing is that birds can’t stand light reflection, and you can gain this effect in various ways. First, you can buy small handy mirrors, connect them with rope and knots and hang them on the balcony.

If you by the chance have old CDs (compact discs) you can connect them with a rope through the hole and hang them in front of every window.    

Or you can go with a more effective, easier route, and use some reflective tape, scare rods, or even. 

Get a Bird Repellent Device

When you ask – how to get rid of birds nest on porch? A lot of people will probably recommend getting a special bird repellent device. These are available in different shapes, sizes, as sources of power. For instance, some of these repellents are powered up by a battery, while others need to be plugged into an electrical socket to work. But what do they do exactly? Simply put, they emit a sound, at a frequency, a human’s ear can’t detect. But given that the bird’s hearing is so much better, they will be scared/annoyed by this sound, and would rather avoid your place. Moreover, some of these bird repellent devices are in the form of some dangerous predators, like an owl, eagle, or hawk. Thus, it becomes a good way to keep birds away, as they are additionally intimidated by these “scarecrows”. And naturally, no bird would want to nest in an area where a predator lives.

But! Do keep in mind that this method is a bad idea if you have pets in our house, as the sound will scare them as well. 

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are nice as decoration. Plus they are pleasant for everybody’s ears and also maybe a toy replacement for your kids. Wind chimes are well-known because of the gentle sounds they produce and the relaxing atmosphere they create. One more effect of wind chimes is that those sounds they produce are natural bird nest deterrents. The thing is that wind chimes are working only in windy weather, so you have to find a replacement for this natural bird repellent during hot summer days.

Rearrange the Environment

When you wonder how to stop a bird from building a nest, you may have to think outside the box and look outside of your close environment. For instance, you can notice trees near house, and that is a potential perfect nest for these feathered creatures. You may have to cut branches that are nearest to your home. Don’t worry, if you do it properly, you won’t harm the tree. We know that these kinds of actions are a little bit demanding, so you may consider hiring professionals.

Another intervention in the outside world that may help you (and is less demanding) is to place a bird feeder at a safe distance from your home. In this way, you will redirect your winged friends away from your porches. If you choose this method, you have to take care that the feeder is always full. Maybe you can put kids in charge of this task. Pre-teens will surely be thrilled to be a part in the “how to stop birds from nesting” game.

Get Support from Birds’ Enemies

The enemy of your enemy is your friend. You are right, we are talking about cats. Even if you decide to have a home cat, we guarantee that it will chase the birds from inside. Only, you have to choose the right “hunting” breed. We highly recommend Maine Coon, Siberian, and Siamese cats, as they are known to be pretty good hunters. Plus, you won’t have to train cats – they know how to keep birds away. 

But! Do not ever let your cats actually hunt and eat the birds, as this is not only cruel, but also very dangerous for your cat as well, as they can easily get sick.


And that’s all the tips we wanted to share with you on how to keep birds from nesting! As you can see, it can be pretty simple to keep birds away, you just have to find the one that will be convenient for you: put some soothing wind chimes, use special bird repellents or just let your cat roam free. 

Hopefully these little tips will help you keep the birds away! Or perhaps you know some other methods that will stop birds from nesting? Then feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

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