How to Keep Bees Away from Your House

Have you noticed that we are hearing more and more about the importance of bees?  For us, it was pretty surprising because we never gave much thought to them! Maybe, it is better to say that we were kind of annoyed by them. Okay, maybe also a bit afraid, but don’t tell anyone! So we were glad to keep bees away, and as far as possible.

But yeah, bees actually play an essential role in every aspect of the ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean that we want them around our food, kids, and pets.  Also, honestly, we don’t want those building hives close to our homes. Especially given how aggressive and dangerous they can be. At the same time, though, we don’t want to kill them. 

That raises the question – how to keep bees away without destroying them? We discussed it with some experienced beekeepers and today we share their tips on how to keep bees away from you.

Why Keep Bees Away?

Generally, we and animals cohabit in almost perfect symbiosis. For instance, we plant flowers that produce nectar for bees. In return, they pollinate and make honey. However, nobody so it is useful to know how to keep bees away from deck.

  • Even if they are little, bees can be pretty dangerous! Their sting can be painful. But more than that, the venom can provoke a severe allergic reaction in some people.
  • You can be annoyed by constant buzzing and flying.
  • Bees can be very aggressive if they feel threatened, and especially if their nest is close by. That is why you must always ensure that you know how to keep bees away from porch, to prevent them from building a nest close to your house.

Solutions for Keeping Bees Away

As you don’t want to be neighbors with a beehive, we will share now some tips on how to keep bees away from house. It is essential to know that these are all simple and natural ways that will enable you to keep bees away without killing them and harming the environment.

Avoid Planting Flowers That Attract Bees

Plants that attract bees (Image source:

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plant flowers near your patio! But, if you are wondering how do you keep bees away, it is essential to know which plants and flowers won’t attract them. Bees are particularly drawn to flowers with bright colors such as poppy, clover, honeysuckle, etc. Do you like oregano and thyme? Well, keep in mind that bees love them too, so make sure to not plant them close to your house.

Don’t Leave Things in the Yard

You have probably noticed how bees gathered each time you are having a brunch or even a cocktail in the yard. Yes, they are attracted to food, especially fruits. This also works if you wonder how to keep birds away

The bees will also be attracted to the grill after you finish cooking, and there is a risk that they build their house inside of your machine. Thus, to prevent them from nesting, keep as many things as possible indoors. 

Think About Planting Peppermint

When we asked bee farmers what keeps bees away, one of the first things they told us was the peppermint plant.  It was surprising because most people (including us) think that peppermint smells quite nice. Bees however find it disgusting and they are likely to leave your yard if you plant it.

Cinnamon is a Good Bee Repellent

In searching about what will keep bees away, we were also surprised to find out about cinnamon. Yes, apparently bees hate it too. Which is useful, given that applying cinnamon is way simpler than planting peppermint, isn’t it? All you need to sprinkle it around when you want to keep bees away from patio. But keep in mind that you will have to repeat the process after rain because all the cinnamon will be washed away.


Surprisingly, such a small insect can be so critical for the world, isn’t it? However, as you saw, there are plenty of reasons to do everything in our power to protect them. At the same time, we understand that you may feel uncomfortable or even afraid when they are close to you.  That is why we created this text about how to keep bees away in a humane way! Hopefully, it helps!

Do you have experience in dealing with bees? If so, can you share a couple of tips about how you got rid of them? We would love to know!

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