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Best Commercial Edger: A One-Stop Guide

Nothing is more prideful for a gardener than a well-kept and healthy lawn. However, as soon as the warm season comes, you have little time to enjoy the beauty of your green corner, since the grass just grows like on steroids.

To prevent your lawn from going haywire, you need to find only the best commercial edger. 

This amazing device will help you to tame down all that wild grass in your lawn and make it look a lot neater and healthier. Moreover, it will allow you to shave around the edges more easily, which actually helps prevent soil erosion. 

Thus, we’ve decided to take some time and research to find out –  what are some of the best commercial edgers available? What can these devices offer, and why it’s so important to have one? 

Besides, we’ll teach you what to pay attention to choose only the most reliable, best commercial edger.

Top 5 Best Commercial Edgers: Comparison Chart

Power SourceEnginePowerDimensionsWeight
McLane 101-5.5GT-7Gas4-cycle3.5 HP29.8 x 19 x 17 inches66.2 pounds
Earthquake 23275Gas4-cycle79cc30.5 x 15.5 x 21 inches60 pounds
Southland SWLE0799Gas4-cycle79cc30.31 x 19.29 x 18.5 inches 64.6 pounds
Honda 660930Gas4-cycle35.8cc45.1 x 12.6 x 10 inches13.2 pounds
ECHO Kit-PAS-225VPGas2-cycle21.2cc54 x 12 x 13 inches16.2 pounds

What is an Edger?

Based on the little description from earlier, you might think that lawn edgers are pretty much the same as lawnmowers. And while they do seem similar on the surface, and even have similar functions – these machines are not the same.

A lawnmower cuts down the grass indefinitely while a commercial edger makes it easy for you to shape the grass, especially around the edges. Typically, this equipment is a low-powered grass-cutter and has a lot more precision. You can also use an edger to touch up your yard after trimming the grass. 

Different lawn edger models have differing qualities: some are extremely strong, while others are just strong enough to function. There are also some of the best commercial edger models that do not need any power to operate.

Commercial Vs Standard Lawn Edger: What’s the Difference?  

standard lawn edger

Although both commercial walk-behind edger and standard lawn edger fulfill the same purpose, they vary in quality. And there are some distinguished differences between the commercial edger and a standard one.

First of all, the price of any commercial lawn edger usually depends on its power source. So the lawn edger models that run on electricity or battery tend to be pricier than those running on gasoline or oil. 

And as for the standard lawn edgers, the price does not depend on the power source, but so much on the quality and the. Plus, the commercial ones can perform multiple functions, however, they are less effective and potent than the commercial edgers.

Choosing the Best Commercial Edger 

Lawn edgers come in various shapes and sizes. Different models have different qualities, and each of them is suitable for performing varied functions. 

And when you want to choose the best commercial lawn edger, then there are several factors that you must pay attention to:

Size of Yard    

Before buying the device, you must carefully measure the size of your lawn. This will make your choice a lot easier and faster. 

So, if you have a yard that is already in a geometric shape like square, triangle, oval, circle, and rectangle, you can measure it by applying necessary mathematical calculations. However, if you have an irregular lawn, divide the area into smaller and relevant geometric shapes. This way, you can calculate the individual areas and later add them to calculate the entire area.

Power source

Usually, all the best commercial edgers come with one of these types of power sources:

  • Gas-powered: Most gas-powered commercial edger comes with four-cylinder engines. They are comparatively heavier than other edgers. However, if you want a good commercial lawn edger, they are the best option. That is because gas-powered edgers can cut through the brush, weeds, and heavy grass. However, do keep in mind that commercial gas edger, makes a lot of noise.
  • Electric and battery-powered: These sometimes called electric string trimmer and they work perfectly on smaller yards. These are either directly powered through an outlet or by a battery. And while this is a good, professional lawn edger, you need to keep in mind that they need to always be tethered to a power source, so think about how convenient it is for you.     

Versatility & Ease of Maintenance  

edging lawn with commercial lawn edger

When you’re looking for professional edgers, make sure that the one you pick is versatile and easy to use. After all, lawn edgers are not cheap, and you won’t be buying them for a one-time or one-purpose use. So make sure that you go through all the available features. Also, make sure that even the best commercial edger you choose is easy to handle and maintain. 

Other Considerations                 

  • Blade Replacement and Cutting Depth: The best commercial edger must offer quick and simple blade replacement. After all, long blade removal not only takes time but also expensive. Moreover, an adjustable cutting depth would allow you to trim the grass according to your requirements. 
  • Weight: If you are buying a commercial walk-behind edger or a pole edger, you should opt for a lightweight one. It provides easier maneuverability but also allows older people suffering from physical conditions like arthritis to use it easily. 
  • Safety Precautions: Creating our commercial edger reviews we couldn’t forget to mention the importance of safety. Always make sure to choose a safe machine. For instance, if you are using an electric trimmer, there are high chances that you will trip on the long cord. So the best idea would be to opt for a cordless model, In addition to that, ensure that the edger’s blade is disengaged before you start the engine.

Using a Commercial Lawn Edger   

Although using this device is not very difficult, there are a few steps that you need to follow to ensure that you are using it to its full potential:

using commercial lawn edger
  • Step 1: The first thing that you must do is mow your lawn properly. This will allow you to see edging lines more clearly. 
  • Step 2: The next thing that you have to do is outline the edge near objects, like flower beds. However, if you are cutting the boundary between the hard surface and the lawn, then you can consider the hard surface like a patio, walkway, and driveway as an outline.      
  • Step 3: Now place the edger’s blade parallel to the cutting line, that is, on the grass’s side. Then turn it on and push it smoothly along the grass to cut it. If you hear the edger getting quieter, then your job is done there.


All and all, the best edger would not only help you to make your lawn look fantastic and neat, but it would also make it easier for you to do it without putting in much effort. And we sincerely hope that our commercial edger reviews will help you make a good choice. Just keep in mind all the essential tips and we’re certain that you’ll pick only the best commercial edger 2023 in no time!

So good luck, let us know if you have any more questions and feel free to let us know if you have any recommendations regarding the edgers. Perhaps you also have some experience using some of them?

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