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Does Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree

By reading the title you might think of us as obnoxious for pruning tree branches. But think of the branches as our hair. Our hair needs regular trimming and cutting for avoiding breakage and hair fall, likewise, they require to get trimmed from time to time to promote growth. You need to cut off the dead tree branches. But you may ask – does cutting off dead branches help a tree? And the answer is yes. It will promote growth, charisma, and beauty. 

The reason behind Dead Branches of a Tree

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There is not enough information on the reasons behind deceased limbs. The scientists do not have enough researched material on this topic. You will often see an arm die and scientists still aren’t aware of the exact reason it happened. It can be due to environmental effects. It is often believed that the arm of the bough redirect the resources it is getting to the one next to it and dies. These dead tree limbs need to get cut off as it is receiving the resources which are not required.  So it is better pruning dead branches than to let it happen unnecessarily.  

The Effect of Dead Branches on Trees

These dead tree limbs are normal occurrences but it requires to be pruned. Now the question might occur- does the cutting off dead branches help a tree? If you keep those unnecessarily then it will affect the entire bough. It will be healthy to prune those timely to promote overall tree health.

Does Dead Branch mean the Tree is Unhealthy?

In most cases, an arm of the bough can naturally die. But, there are a few cases you may find that deceased parts occur due to the presence of pests. The most common one is the Emerald Ash Borer. They nest on the arms of the bough and damage their vascular tissues. Thus the main stem doesn’t get enough resources for all the limbs. 

How is Cutting Dead Branches Helping? 

To make your bough lives long, you need to do pruning of dead branches. There can be a question like how to tell if a tree is dead or does the cutting off dead branches help a tree? To know if the limb is dead, you need to break a twig at the end of the branch. It will be tough to break. Then twist the twig. If it green inside then the branch is alive. And if it’s not then the branch has died.


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If you routinely cut the deceased limbs then it will save your property during the storm. Only the deceased branches or the trunk fall during a storm and damages cars and properties. Thus a regular check-up and pruning by arborists is a safety measure against storms and property damages. 

Tree Health

It is important to regularly check the plant from a young age to promote the sound growth of the arms leading to a strong trunk. Make sure the dead arms are cut off from the inside canopies. It will lead to more fruits and leaves. Don’t prune more than it is needed and prune when it is needed otherwise you might affect the overall health. It is an essential step towards and it will make your bough grow properly. 

Beauty and aesthetics

When you prune the sick parts, you can see the branches are in a much better shape which will make it look beautiful. If your plant gives you fruits then pruning which leads to more fruits as it promotes health and growth.

Does a tree branch grow back?

You might ask that can tree branches grow back? Because when a limb totally dies it doesn’t come back as it stops receiving the nutrients and resources. The process is irreversible. Pruning will prevent the decaying of the limbs. But if you prune the branches incompletely then there is a chance that the limbs might grow back. 

Final Words

To prune the trees, you need to closely evaluate all the limbs if you’re a first-timer. Then grab the right equipment and starting pruning dead branches. It will be easier to notice the dead tree limbs during summer and spring. But make sure you do not over-prune it. Pruning is not something obnoxious but healthy for the well-being and growth. Proper pruning will open the foliage, reducing weight on the heavy arms and helping in the retention of the beautiful shape. So what do you think? Will you prune the deceased limbs of your bough? Do let us know!

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